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Calling for Members: Awakened Renaissance Village

WELCOME to our Awakened Renaissance Business Networking Group.
Raquel Stewart and Shannon Fadness-Cao are happy and thrilled to host this moment. Join us for an evening of Awakened Renaissance Business Networking for: artists, conscious-minded business owners, co-creators and strategic holistic innovators. We are the Awakened Renaissance of 2018 and beyond. Time to align and walk in our lives with our individually called purpose.

This group is for those who are: about to launch a dream, a book, a life project, a higher-purpose business, a spiritual healing practice. The group also is for those who have launched a dream or business and live to tell the story. This group is about promoting yourself while supporting the promotion of others. This group is an organic creation that can evolve into a source of united spirit, practical resources, mentorship and learning, teaching of valuable knowledge and wisdom of those whom wish to join and contribute and share their "Awakened Renaissance Entrepreneur Energy.”

We welcome Authors, or writers destined to be an Author, business owners creating your company from scratch, entrepreneurs that are passionate about their gifts and are about to launch themselves toward the freedom of self employment, brave souls that are ready to take a risk for the first time or are about to start again. We are about networking with other business-minded, soul-focused dreamers who want to show up—for themselves, for their purpose, for the planet.

Maybe you are wanting to jump into your soul’s purpose now and need a sounding board of listening hearts and experienced minds or just want to be around awakened energy creating POSITIVE conversation about possibility and inspired action. Come join Awakened Renaissance Energy Networking Group @ on Capitol Hill’s Sundays for tasty food and a lovely space to gather WELCOME.

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