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How Do We Love Our Bodies Just The Way They Are

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Awakened Spiritual Goddess,

Now I'm going to get vulnerable and bring up a topic that EVERY woman on the planet has experienced issues around her body.

I personally have done so much work around this sensitive subject.

We all have a choice to feel bad about our body or love and accept it fully.
There comes a point when, if something cannot be changed, you simply accept it for what it is and stop wishing for something different.

This is what happened to me: acceptance.

The moment of acceptance liberated me from the underlying belief that achieving perfection would somehow make me a more lovable and worthy person in this world.

I wish I could say looks don’t matter, but we all know to a certain degree they do. Women are constantly being judged about how they look even when it should be irrelevant, like getting job or a wage increase.

Shutting down the voices and criticisms of others is hard, but it is the only the path to self-love and self acceptance.

How does it feel to be in your body? Fat, skinny, short, tall, it doesn’t matter. Pant size and the number on the scale are irrelevant when it feels bad to be in your body.

Shift focus away from size and shape. Place your attention and awareness on how you feel.

If you are disappointed with your body and wish it felt better to be in your skin without dieting and punishing workouts then you will want to join us for this special meetup.

We will do movement and self love rituals that will leave you feeling GOOD about being in your body no matter what your size or shape.

So come be fully present and experience your body in a NEW way.

Sensually yours,