What we're about

Personal Growth is a calling, once you’ve had enough life experience, and want to be a more self-actualized person. Self-Improvement is just the beginning. From there, you will learn about Self-Exploration and Self-Empowerment.

Meditation is so popular today because the whole of humanity is awakening to their true nature. Our collective spiritual growth depends on our individual spiritual growth. We study consciousness & conscious evolution. Tuning into a more refined energy field, we explore personal development from a holistic perspective. This means both practical and esoteric studies.

On our journey through life, we may experience insights into our true nature. We are so much more than our brains or our bodies. Our emotions are continually telling us if we are moving forward or not. Our souls call us to be more than we have been.

We offer events in various localities! These meetups support your spiritual awakening and help you learn to express at your highest potential.

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