What we're about

With Awakening Adventure, we explore to expand! Together, we navigate the inner & outer journey through life.

We're awakening to our adventurous free spirits, as we're on the adventure of spiritual awakening.

This is for women who are craving community & sisterhood, on what can sometimes feel like a lonely path. This is a space for the deeper conversations & connections, and a place to to really feel understood & heard.

Self-care is important, however community care is equally as important!

Some meetups will be planned in advance, and others will be spontaneous. Either way, there's an opportunity to experience the synchronicities in everyday life.

There will be park meetups, whether permitting, with the possibility of day trips as well. Think hiking, labyrinth walks, meditations, and movement of all kinds! We'll sit in sacred circles, and offer safety, open minds, and open hearts.

Bring a journal, and let's explore this magical life together!

Upcoming events (3)

Movement Meditation

The Playful Soul

Join us for our next movement meditation class! This is a sacred sisterhood circle, where we connect through movement. We connect back to our wise, wild and free essence as women. We connect to our bodies. And we connect with each other. Qoya is a beautiful infusion of dance, movement, yoga, breath work, and community sharing, set to incredible music, that’s sure to have you leaving feeling more of who you truly are. Yoga mats are provided. Bring a bottle of water! Ages 16+ All fitness levels welcome. There’s absolutely no way to do Qoya wrong!

An afternoon at Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield was founded in 1891 and is the home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, located in Chesterfield, Indiana. It's a beautiful property that includes a labyrinth walk, art gallery, fountain, Garden of Prayer, cathedral, and bookstore. The grounds are free to tour and will be a wonderful way to spend our afternoon together, in a sacred, historic Indiana location. Bring your journals, and let's explore!

Gathering of the Sacred Rebels - Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The Gathering of the Sacred Rebels isn’t a traditional retreat, because sacred rebels aren’t conventional. We are anything but. We don’t follow tradition, except the ancient ways that speak to our individual souls. This isn’t a space to tell you how to do things. It’s a gathering to inspire creativity, individuality, and celebrate your unique endeavors. To inspire ourselves and others, we must come together, and shed the layers of conditioning we’ve acquired. We must face the darkest parts of ourselves, with love and compassion. We must voice what’s been repressed. This is a chance for you to reclaim your feminine power. To feel empowered in knowing there are others out there, also walking the backwards path. With confidence and trust in yourself, you can choose to be the most creative, unique, authentic expression of yourself, and all you're becoming. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to connect and hear those special words “me too!!” when someone shares an experience? Imagine feeling so nourished by your experience, that you can walk away knowing that nourishment can sustain you, well beyond our gathering. That the other sacred rebels are soul sisters, that will always have your back. Knowing we can all be on different paths, and come together in unity and solidarity, because the one thing we all have in common is...we are ALL Sacred Rebels. https://thespiritualtravelagent.com/services/lake-tahoe/

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Movement Meditation

The Playful Soul

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