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The power to awaken consciousness through collective, intentional presence is infinite.

London and beyond,

I invite you all to join this welcoming space, where your experiences can be brought into deeper awareness. This supports you in meeting your truth with more intimacy, sensitivity and love. With the shared intention to open to life, the unknown mysteries, the willingness to investigate any thought, feeling, sensation that is longing to be integrated into your consciousness. This can be held together in space, with the unconditional silent support of others.

This is not a call to push or pull yourself into experiences that are not already here. No need to force, there is no wrong of right way, what is here is ultimately perfect. The intention to meet what arises naturally, in this moment, is powerful enough. With no pressure to do or be anything specific, no forced activities. You can release yourself from the social roles we have all been drawn into playing. Just be free to experience yourself, to experience others, however that appears.

We can, and seemingly do, live in a mode of unconscious avoidance. In unlimited forms, we have been trying to avoid our direct, present experience. For most of us this has become normal life. There are so many reasons we have developed this pattern. In order to sustain all the things we feel drawn to do, places we think we should be, roles we try to fill, wanting desperately to change ourselves/situation, a real sense of overwhelm, overload. We have got stuck in many unconscious habits which are triggered by these experiences. And the societal world around us encourages and conditions these unconscious modes to be sustained. However, we becoming more conscious of the limitations of this existence. However subtle or obvious these habits appear, we long for the freedom to break through this constriction. The sense that there is something more than the old ways of experience to life.

This sense of longing, that is building more and more in us, is an authentic, loving call to discover a deeper truth of being. One that requires no effort, no giving, just a willingness to experience what arises now. And in meeting this, you are becoming more open to meeting a deeper connection, a deeper love.

Through this grace, many of us have been drawn to practice mediation. Perhaps just a few times, perhaps much more. This is powerful practise to allow our awareness to notice more truth. However, sometimes doing this alone can seem more of an effort, or difficult to sustain and sit with the silence and the noise that arises.

That is where this space can support you.

In this shared space your experiences may become lighter, sense less inner judgement and resistant to the present moment, sinking in to what arises with more openness, more clarity, more depth and just generally feel more held, supported in whatever your experience is.

I intend to reconnect us back to nature as often as possible in this group. It is a necessary part of the awakening of consciousness that is taking place on the planet and inside us. The violence, the destruction outside is reflected in internally. The rewilding process, the nourishment that is being called for outside, for mother earth, starts inside. And we need this physical connection to nature to really understand this mirror relationship with more depth and clarity. Through this mirror we can know that freedom, nature and ourself are beyond separation. In the inner process of freedom life becomes more intimate, and our needs more obviously met through outer manifestations.

The core areas I am drawn towards in developing this is:
Power - of shared consciousness
Oneness/togetherness - acting from this perspective
Freedom - as the ultimate motivator
Nature - rerooting ourselves as that, in that.
Courage - to meet ourselves more fully
Mindfullness - slowing down, noticing more deeply the beauty in life .
Sustainability/Intergration - to sustain this as more than a practise, but an integration into all contexts, into our being.

What you need to bring - nothing but your intention to be present

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