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Welcome to the Awakening Friends meetup group, a group you can explore and share your experiences with regarding more spiritual and metaphysical interests, such as astrology, energy healing, and the like in friendly and relaxed settings. We are a hang out group that enjoys frequenting restaurants and chit-chatting about our love for the more spiritual dimensions of life over good drinks, delicious food, and good vibes! We primarily focus our events on the east side of the valley, that being Scottsdale, Tempe, and parts of Downtown Phoenix.

Awakening Friends serves as a more casual alternative to the more widespread trend of more formal and class-like spiritual meetups that take place in the valley. While those types of meetups serve a purpose, we are more inclined to expand and share our awareness in a more socially-oriented environment. We are also a group that enjoys expanding upon the types of hangouts we enjoy, so if you have any suggestions feel free to share them with me or the group as a whole. It is my hope that we can be a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for those who find it difficult to find other similarly oriented people in their day to day lives, and that we can also be a group that helps people simply live, laugh, and love.

Although I am the current caretaker of this group, the very existence of this community is owed to our former organizer and founder, Rhonda. In honor of the effort she put into forming and maintaining this group, and out of a desire to preserve the original spirit this group was imbued with, I have left her original group description below. Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the vibrancy of this group, and thank you to those who will continue to do so and have yet to do so! Many blessings friends!


I created this group as a place for individuals on a path of awakening to meet and socialize. I see a lot of groups here that focus on spiritual teachings, workshops, and meditation. That is fantastic but I am wanting to create a place for the seekers to simply get together and enjoy each other's company. Spirituality and expanding consciousness don't have to be serious all the time! We may discuss our journeys and experiences or we may just have fun and share some laughs. Chances are, we will do both and make some amazing, like-minded new friends in the process.

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The Vig McDowell Mountain Awakening Friends Hangout

The Vig McDowell Mountain

Hey folks! So for this meetup, we're going to go to the Vig McDowell Mountain, which I have hosted one of our hangouts at in the past. I had attempted to host a meetup here in the recent past that fell through due to COVID so I figured we should give this another shot. For this hangout it's the usual business, just bring yourselves and good vibes and we'll have a casual get together where we talk metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, whatever floats your boat over good drinks and food. Due to the social distancing standards, I will be limiting attendance to 8 guests. Since our group size is so small I will not be enabling attendants to bring a guest unless we find there is room as the event draws near, at which point we can try and work something out. I have acquired a reservation for us with the Vig for a group of 8 on the patio. Since this is going to be around mid-October it may be a good idea to bring a light jacket, just in case seeing as Arizona's weather can fluctuate a bit. We'll see how the weather is as the date draws near though. It should be a pleasant evening weather-wise. I do not expect anyone to wear a mask when we are seated at the table, although if you would like to for your own comfort that is definitely cool with me. I will be sure to wear my mask whenever I am away from the table, as I believe most restaurants expect that of their guests at this point. I look forward to seeing whoever is able to attend the hangout! Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I am able. Peace.

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True Food Kitchen Scottsdale Hangout

True Food Kitchen

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