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On alternating weeks we start the Meetup with either 30 minutes of Group Awareness Exercise (GAE) or with Subtle Noting. The last hour will be a recorded guided meditation shared via audio and sometimes video by noted teachers such as Culadasa or Shinzen Young, etc. Please send you email address to Steve C and he will email you the Zoom meeting link on the day of the Meetup.

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Starting November 17th 2017 the name of the group was changed from Meditation in Lagrange to Awakening Realized. The new name reflects what the group is about and what we hope you get from joining the group e.g. that you realize Awakening.

Will we still meditate? Yes, meditation is the core practice that the group was founded with and remains a core practice. We will still meditate for about an hour at each meetup.

What else do you do besides meditation? We practice other techniques that have been shown to help people Awaken.

What if I am not interested in Awakening but simply want to learn how to meditate and reduce stress, can I still attend? Awakening can be thought of as the highest state free of stress. So stress reduction is still in line with the "lofty" goal of Awakening. So yes, you are more than welcome to attend and take and use what you find beneficial for your life. After you reduce your stress, you may find that you want to eliminate it completely.

There is a wealth of information under the Discussions tab or if you are on your phone go to More > Message Boards.

Like the little stream
Making its way
Through the mossy crevices
I, too, quietly
Turn clear and transparent. - Taigu Ryokan

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