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The "I Forgive" Workshop
This workshop is the first of a series of opportunities for you to take yourself on a journey leading a more empowered life. You may ask.... Why Participate in the I Forgive Workshop ??? • Are you tired all the time? • Do you feel constantly under pressure to perform and resenting it? • Has your health deteriorated? • Do you find yourself getting short with people? • Is your relationship with your family suffering? When we keep everything inside us and don’t release our emotions, it comes out in ways we don’t realize. It causes problems with our families, co-workers, employees and others we encounter. It starts to cause problems with our health. By keeping feelings locked away inside, our life starts to deteriorate on all levels. When you begin the process of forgiveness for yourself and others you release yourself to be a better person. You begin to understand what is really important, can make better decisions, and inspire others to do better, leading by example. Imagine being in a place that inspires people to do better resulting in more creativity and a shared feeling that we all matter. Ultimately this results with a more successful prosperous life. Compare this to an environment where if you make a mistake and if you challenge the status quo you are punished. What happens to creativity, comradery and the well-being of ourselves? • Is your past affecting your now and the future? • Do you keep blaming yourself for past mistakes? • Do you feel stuck?Do you feel nothing will change? • Do you feel unworthy? • Do you feel unloved? By letting go of the past and forgiving yourself, family, friends, enemies and other issues you free yourself to live a better life . By accepting and loving yourself, you approach everything in life from personal to business with a positive attitude. When we let fear and doubt from our past control us, we carry that forward in everything we do. We have developed a process that will help you let go, so you can be free to be you. This workshop will give you the tools to help you on your journey through life. Allow me to guide you on your journey of forgiveness. Click to Register Now ( Additional information on upcoming workshops will be announced at this event. Bring a friend or friends as discounts are available. Please reach out to our team for assistance[masked]

Englewood Recreational Center

1155 W. Oxford Avenue · Englewood, CO

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As we get older, we realize there is more to life than perhaps what we have been experiencing. Sooner or later we begin explore what is life really about. Through that process we begin to confront ourselves. Come join us on journey of life as we explore the mystery, the magic, and the love. As we grow in understanding, we show up as better person in everything we do. Our relationship with ourselves, friends, family and work improve. It all begins with Forgiveness.

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