What we're about

Perhaps you have lost sight of the powerful landscape you hold within, that place of connection, creative genius, power and truth. That place within you that houses “something” magical and wildly creative, that the thinking mind can neither see nor follow. “Something” that calls you to find your singular place in the world and share it with passion and joy.

Awakening a New Creative Age with Jacquie Donahue is about finding that “something” again and moving into the future from there, knowing it is possible to unapologetically live out your genius and highest vision of self.

In my work as a retreat leader, intuitive artist, and Gateless writing teacher, I have worked nationwide with corporate clients and individuals, in private circles and public forums. I help people from all walks of life move through what binds them and come into a brand new creative age, where the horizon is limitless.

The rituals and resources I have curated over 25 years offer a profound journey of inner and outer awakening. You emerge feeling not only wildly creative but alive in your own potent, creative agency.

Why join our group?

We know we need one another in all stages of awakening... especially the beginning and everything we do is built on Awakening a New Creative Age.

* We want you to have a deep relationship with you innate wisdom and genius.
* We want you to claim creative agency, move to create the life that you have dreamed
* We firmly believe in providing not only insight but also practical tools so you can
make the desired changes in your life starting today.
* We know making new life choices takes practice and dedication. Our salons, courses,
retreats and resources are designed to support you all along the way.
* We know there is incredible power and honor in making time for yourself and what
could be in your life.
* We are committed to helping you: awaken to your truth, tap your genius, find your
voice, make new connections and build community.
* We are excited for you!

These gatherings are for anyone in search of greater personal freedom, more creativity and a life that thrives.

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