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We call forth a circle of women in the Austin, Texas area, who are committed to their spiritual growth through exploring the feminine in a supportive and nourishing way. Our circle, meditation groups, and temple gatherings are a safe space for the unique authentic expression and experience of the sacred divine feminine as it manifests itself in each one of us.

This is a group for women who are emotionally and spiritually open, non-competitive, courageous, supportive, and that posses a deep longing and desire to connect, heal, and come home to that which is our birth right.

Let's go beyond just talking about the divine feminine, let's experience HER and practice with HER!


ABOUT • Vanessa Nova
Vanessa is an healer and spiritual educator in the Mystery School lineage of King Salomon, as well as an artist and passionate practitioner of feminine spirituality. As a dedicated student and teacher of the initiatory path, her mission is to weave the mystical traditions of Western Hermetics, Universal Kabbalah, tantric teachings, and the diverse goddess archetypes of the world’s cultures to help women embody the depth of their own beauty and divinity.

ABOUT • Casey O'Connell
Casey weaves 6 years of study in the Lineage of King Salomon with a deeply seated passion for restoring the balance of Light to our World, leading others to unfold and dig deeply within who they truly are. She is particularly adept at working with highly sensitive individuals whose gifts, when fostered, will change the World for the better.

About the Types of Gatherings:

UNION: Our primary gatherings are called "Union : A Gathering for Women" - we guide meditation, movement, and feminine spiritual practices within a sacred space. We will have other entry-level and introductory events as well. This gathering is NOT a therapy group or social gathering. This is a place for women who are in a stable place in themselves to enter deeper feminine spiritual practices, so it is important that you have done some therapy or healing work around your issues in order to make the temple a safe space for all women who enter.

WOMEN'S MEDITATION: Open to all levels of practice, whether new to meditation, or with years of practice, we will journey with different themes of women's empowerment and the many archetypes of the goddess, using both the seated practice of the Max Meditation System™ and other embodied presence practices.


For thousands of years, women from traditions all over the globe have gathered together in circles to support each other, honor each other, and explore the sacred together. With our many-faceted modern lives of to-do lists, balancing career, relationships, and health, today’s women are aching for the ancient wisdom, connection, and rejuvenation that these circles provided for the women who walked before us.

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