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While our title can sound appealing, this is NOT a group for casual "dabblers" in meditation. Those wanting to be members of this group must attend a session in order to remain on the notification list. We create a conscious intentional community in which members care and "hold space" for each other between meetings. Non-judgmental acceptance and viewing with the heart are fundamental to the experience we co-create here and to anyone dedicated to her/his evolution on the spiritual path. Through the practice of this technique, we grow in our ability to give and receive love.

Persons serious about meditation as a vehicle for spiritual evolution will be well served through this technique and community. Co-facilitated by Krysti Lee and Tom Kotlarek, this is not a meditation about "emptying one's mind." It is a body-based, heart-centered state of awareness that opens one up to inner wisdom, healing, the Void and Bliss. Raising energy up the spine is guided, and an energy blessing is offered.
Ability to visualize is helpful to reach full benefit.

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