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Our human brains work constantly to justify our beliefs. No matter how aware we strive to be, our brains constantly pull together details in order to confirm preconceived ideas in all aspects of our lives. All shamanic work serves to open our minds to different realities. With it, we train our brains to hold lightly to beliefs so that we can entertain new ideas about how the universe works. Divination tools can be used to shift our perspectives. They help set us set aside limiting beliefs, allow us to open to our own intuition, and assist us in receiving messages/guidance from Spirit. In this circle, we will explore several different divination tools such as muscle testing, tarot, pendulums, dowsing rods, etc.

As part of our personal mission to become more closely aligned with the divine spirit within us, we will participate in a shamanic journey during each circle. In this way, we can practice conscious communication with our Spirit guides in order to heal ourselves and become more able to fulfill our life's purpose of service to others.

Please dress comfortably. Chairs are available, but you may want to bring a pillow, blanket, and/or backjack if you wish to sit/lie on the floor. Also feel free to bring drums or rattles, and a journal for recording insights gathered during your journey.

We will be meeting at the Comfort Suites Inn in Pflugerville. From I-35, exit 1825 and stay on the north bound access road. It is located behind Cheddar's. From 1825, turn West (towards I-35) between A1 Credit Union and Blockbuster. Then, drive around to park in front of the building. We will be in the conference room located down the hallway and to the left of the main desk. Our room is just after the elevators.