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This meetup is based on the Awareness, Courage and Love (ACL) model developed and researched at the University of Washington.This courage, genuineness, love and awareness has the power to transform relationships.


Its really encouraging to see how fast everyone has joined up to this meet-up group.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our meet-ups

Please please RSVP if you are coming or even if you are not so I can have a good idea of the numbers.

I would love to know what attracted you to join this group and what you are hoping to get out of it?

This will be a very unique community we will be building. It’s not religious based so anyone can join, regardless of beliefs - we will be completely open and welcoming, without discrimination of any sort.

Feel free to share with your family (over 18) and friends and bring them along too, if you would like.

This is not intended to be a treatment or therapy group to resolve psychological or psychiatric problems.

As part of a world wide community, Awareness Courage and Love (ACL) our friends across the sea would also like to meet our members and so we will be taking group selfies so that everyone can get to know each other.

It is customary in ACL meet-ups to contribute to the costs of running the group – NOBODY will be turned away if this is difficult for them so no worries. The usual contribution is suggested at 10 pounds but again I stress that the most important thing is that we get together.

At the moment we will start off with monthly meetings and later on we can decide if we would like to meet at shorter intervals.

We also have a facebook page Awareness Courage and Love and after we meet we can make a private facebook group.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Please feel free to bring your own food and drink if you wish.

Best regards


· Self Awareness

•Open-hearted presence-Be aware of and allow whatever feelings you are having, positive or negative.
•With curiosity and tenderness, agree deeply with whatever is in your body and heart.
•Understand your history which has shaped your reactions.

Other Awareness

•Be aware of, with curiosity and tenderness whatever feelings another is having, positive or negative.
•Understand another’s history which has shaped his/her reactions.

· Self Love

•Pause to take in what’s beautiful about yourself, what you appreciate about yourself.
•Self-care: any activity that soothes, calms, rejuvenates, recharges or gives you pleasure.
•Let another’s love in.

Other Love

•Communicate to another your appreciation. Recognize their improvements.
•Acknowledge and validate another’s experience, connection and joy.

· Self Courage

•Create possibility in this moment.
•How do you make today and all future moments the best, most poignant and most beautiful?
•Envision the boldest version of yourself and live true to your passions.

Other Courage

•Encourage others to envision the boldest version of themselves and to live true to their passions.

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Awareness Courage and Love - Manchester


Awareness Courage and Love - Manchester


Awareness Courage and Love - Manchester

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