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"I wish there was some place I could go to have deep, insightful conversations about the meaning of life and the nature of reality. I guess I'll just have to kill time: watching this TV show / drinking to this football game / building this cool contraption / posting things on Facebook / looking for that elusive soul-mate / trying to score with that hottie / stressing over bills / whining about there being no one to have meaningful conversations with."

When someone asks me how I understand some of the more abstract and intellectually challenging philosophical and psychological concepts, I invariably point to my experience during the Sunday discussions held by the Sky Mountain Way Sangha ( ( The discussion has been going on for nearly four years and is attended by a large circle of some of the most capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated participants of the myriad consciousness, spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical discussion groups in Las Vegas. Rather than looking for how a system or paradigm may be flawed, we learn to pan for gold, sifting for the nuggets that resonate with our own experience.

As the years have gone by, the nature of the discussion has evolved with the awareness of the group and of the individuals who are regularly attending. Long running themes include Non-Duality; the nature of Reality; the ego: something to kill or something you can't live without so make friends with it?; comparative discussions about Buddhism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, and all the major Western monotheistic systems.

A good number of the regular attendees are actively seeking ways in which they are misperceiving what is, and they have openly shared their experiences and their process of integrating what they are experiencing into their everyday life. Each on their own, individual path, collectively they participate in endurance meditation retreats like Vipassana; pranayama and holotropic breathwork sessions; Sufi whirling; South American Shamanism; sweat lodges; festivals such as Burning Man; and a number of challenging practices all designed to provide an opportunity to experience reality from another perspective. In sharing these experiences with the group we draw from a greater wisdom base. It also greatly enhances the permeation of our realizations into our fundamental programming.

If you are attending events held by local groups and find the discussion has become quite limited or stale, I would encourage you to visit us for one of the Sunday discussions. Participants range in age, with 1/4 of the group 60+, 1/2 of the group 30-60, and 1/4 of the group in their 20's. A number of us have recognized the unusually advanced wisdom coming from the youth born since 1990 and appreciate their participation.

Join us for our discussion this Sunday at 2.


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