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MYRTLE BEACH Weekend RESORT VACATION. Single room $70 OR W/ a Roommate $36 a Day

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Anyone interested in a Road Trip to Myrtle Beach? One thing I always hear from members of our group is that they want to vacation more. I'm hoping there's a few others who love doing weekend trips to explore what other cities have to offer and I thought Myrtle Beach would be the perfect place to try out. And what better way to do it than with a meetup group of people in their 20s and 30s?

We will be staying at the Sea Mist Resort. It's on the beach, 3/5 stars on tripadvisor, close to everything and a decent price. Plus all of our room are ocean view. We have a limited amount of rooms so book early. If all the rooms get booked I'll try to get more.

Price per night is $63 before taxes. That gets you your own room... if you want a lower cost feel free to bring a roommate. If you don't have a roommate but would like one post a message on here that you're looking for one... I'll also do my best to try and find you roommate. When you add taxes, fees, and etc the 3 days cost for a room (for up to two people) is $213. Please note it includes most of the pools and etc but the waterpark costs an additional $3 per day from I've been told.

Reservation Instructions: Reservation #:[masked]
Reservations Phone Number:[masked](Daily 7am-11pm)
Or on-line at At the latest you have until April 25th to book (or until our allotted rooms are full). A deposit of 30% is due at time of booking.

If you've never been to Myrtle Beach it's worth checking out especially when the weather's warm... there's a ton to do there and it's very different than the typically beach town. Just hanging out on a sandy beach is a lot of fun but the extra stuff is what makes it special. There's amusement parks, fishing, arcades, water parks, Broadway at the beach, tons of restaurants, cruise down the strip, shopping, live shows, Ripley's Aquarium, music, the boardwalk, theatres, Skywheel (their famous Ferris Wheel), parasailing, Ripley's believe it not Museum, and so much more. Here's a better list of things to do with details . I have to be honest and say one of my absolute favorite things to do is play mini golf and this is perfect place for anyone that loves Putt Putt golf. And if you've ever been to one of our meetups you'll probably be able to guess I'll end up at Margaritaville at Broadway at the Beach a time or two.

Here's a few pics of some places and potential things you can do while you're there.

There's going to be a lot of flexibility on this trip. You can stay Friday-Mon or if you'd rather spend a day here (drive down Sat then drive back Sun night) that's another option. I plan on doing a group dinner or maybe a different type of event once or twice a day... so you'll have plenty of time to do whatever else you want to explore. You can just relax by the beach the whole time, you can join me on checking out random things in Myrtle Beach, or you can go on your own adventures with other members of the group if you see something else you'd rather do.

Costs are going to vary and it's hard to estimate a total amount it's going to depend on the person going. I've tried to make this as inexpensive as possible with the option to go on other adventures that can be expensive. It shouldn't be that expensive if you find a roommate, carpool there, do a few meals with the group, and just relax on the beach. I intend to spend some time on the beach but I'm also going out trying other things while I'm there.

Benefits of going with our group:

1) Going with a group is more fun than by yourself.

2) We're going to carpool as much as possible.

3) Lower Cost. Will work on getting group rates for as many things as possible. I'm definitely going to see what kind of rates a travel agent can get on rooms.

4)Flexibility. You can pick and chose what things you want to do while you're there and pick how long you want to stay.

5) I've been to Myrtle Beach a few times and I can help out with most questions you have if you've never been there before.

I'll post more details as the event gets closer. I'm hoping this is popular enough that we can do more weekend road trips to other cities... I'll gladly take suggestions if you have places that you'd like to see.