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The purpose of “Awesome Hikes,Activities and Events” is hopefully to offer opportunities that may not be met by others at this time. We would like event organizers to have a quasi franchise to make diverse opportunities and run them in a professional manner. We will try to list enough information for folks to determine if they are physically fit enough for the hikes and other activities offered; however, each participant is responsible for their own safety and that of their property.
Persons wanting to join this group must be 18 or older, fill out the application with a recent face photo for recognition and release all organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers and event organizers of any liability. Persons under 18, with the event organizer’s permission, may accompany their adult parents on meet-ups.
This is a public meetup and the public can see members first name, picture, member since date, and if they want, other groups they belong to and their interests.
Organizers can cancel members participation of membership if they determine it is in the best interest of the meetup group.
Some of the rules we expect of our members( with some others that may be added in the future):
1) Be respectful and friendly of each other which includes but is not limited to no discussions of religion or politics.
2) When car-pooling make a fair donation to drivers towards their expenses. Drivers should maintain adequate liability insurance and maintenance of their vehicle.
3) No promoting business, pyramid schemes or illegal activities.
4) Although this is not a dating site, we would expect it to be a friendly group where members could often make new friends.
5) We ask members not to sign up for hikes or events unless they think they can attend and if they later change their mind they would change their RSVP within 48 hours before the start of the event.
6) Members will follow the requests and directions of the events organizers and show them the proper respect.
7) If a member asks the event organizer and gets permission to bring a dog on an event, the dog must be well mannered and on a leach at all times.
8) Members are expected to participate in at least 1 posted event every 6 months.
9) Every member is responsible to determine their own health and ability for every event they participate in and are full responsible for their own health, safety, physical well being and that of their property.

10) Please make sure your request to join our group includes a facial picture of yourself so we can recognize our members.

Upcoming events (4)

El Porvenir Hike in Las Vegas Region


A beautiful hike in the Pecos Wilderness along a mountain stream in a tree lined canyon with several diverse bridges but also some shallow water crossings.
Meet at 8:45 and leave at 9 AM sharp at the west parking area of Lowe's at I-25 and Paseo
Give your drivers a fair donation.
A few members of another hiking group will join us.
Everyone participates at their own risk and is responsible for their own health and safety.
It may be in the mid to high 80* but we will be in the shade most of the time. Bring a lunch if you want to eat at the turn around stop, lots of water, sun screen, etc.
I will turn on my cell phone, which is normally off, that morning:[masked].
Pictures from this hike in 2019: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cWDXaBAZo2ZkrDoH6

El Porvenir Hike
In Las Vegas Region
Hike Class B Moderate,
Hike Miles 5.1
Minimum Elevation 7500
Elevation Gain 490
Total Uphill 345
Total Downhill 345
Avg Grade 4 %
Route Type InOut
Drive Miles Round Trip 282
Drive Time Oneway 2:30

Highlights: A walk along a beautiful stream with wildflowers and views of the cliffs above. Several water crossings which you can sometimes make going from rock to rock but a good sense of balance is needed. There is also a couple of bridge crossings.

Cautions: Hiking poles useful when crossing the stream or rocky areas.
Consider water shoes or bring an extra pair of shoes and socks.

Actual Hike: Cross the road from the small parking area to start on the trail which follows the stream on one side or the other. There are a number of stream crossings, not enough to require water shoes in the fall but could be more challenging earlier in the year. The first part of the trail has several wooden bridges and one metal swinging bridge. The trail is easy to follow, shady, and runs mostly north-south. An early landmark is the CHIMNEY (1.2 mi). About half a mile later, the trail passes into the Pecos WILDERNESS (1.7 mi) area. Take time to look over the trail down into the river, where you'll see some SLICKROCK (2.1 mi) and small cascades. There are glimpses of the canyon walls on either side, and peaks off in the distance (El Cielo (about 9800 ft) to the west and Hermit Peak (about 10000 ft) to the east). Take your time over some ROCKS (2.65 mi) and reach a deep pool with a TINY WTR FALL (2.7 mi). Look for fish in the pool.
Bring a snack or lunch to eat here.

Beatty's Cabin, Pecos River


This a LONG day hike in the Pecos, at around 9,400'- 10,350. [masked] mls RT, in a lovely area. Up through Hamilton Mesa, & down to the Pecos River. Meet, set up carpooling, & go. Eat lunch at river, relax. If there has been very recent rain, road can have a bad muddy spot. Generally OK for SUV clearance: Prius: no. Google "Irongate Campground " for parking spot. Don't forget rain jacket & lunch!
If interested, we can stop by Harry's Roadhouse afterwards for social chow time! Dogs are OK if: they aren't barkers; get along with people & other dogs; are on a leash where necessary; poop is picked up along trails. Those not going must post off prior to day of event.
Neither Meetup nor Organizer is responsible for health issue, injury, property loss, etc.: Attendee assumes ALL responsibility.

Prettiest Lake in NM ??


Please ACCLIMATE to elevation within a week or two of this hike, if not used to it. This goes to 11,400', & though not steep, it is ALL uphill to the lake, & will be at a moderately fast pace, to try to beat any potential afternoon monsoons that time of year. It will not be a timed or conditioning hike, but please just know your OWN limits: it IS a long hike. If you don't make the top, we'll meet you on the way down, or the parking lot. Meet, organize carpooling, & leave by 7:25. Directions will be given to parking area for hike at that time; we will not wait there for long, so don't dilly dally getting there. Drive to Trampas Lakes Trailhead. Do the hike (moderate in elevation gain, difficult perhaps for length). MUST BE FIT ENOUGH for a 6.2 mile, steady UPHILL trek. So, approx. 12.4+ miles, RT. Two lakes are there. Eat lunch & take time to walk around lakes, or relax if u want. Head back. Those not going must post off prior to day of event. Neither Meetup nor event Organizer is liable for any injury, property loss, health issues: Attendee assumes all risks.

3+ Day Pecos Camp Trip


Meet at Lowe's/Target. Arrange carpooling in advance. Go over directions & leave for trailhead up Hwy 63, N of Pecos. Hike in, set-up tents, then hike to Johnson Lake, if time & weather comply. If not, hike to Johnson next morning. Following morning hike to Katherine Lake. Come back that day or next morning. Stewart Lake will be base camp for day hikes. So pack up for 3 1/2 days. Stewart is 10,200'. Johnson is 11,100. Katherine is 11,745'. No telling how low water will be, but should still be gorgeous! Neither Meetup nor event Organizer is liable for any injury, property loss, health issues: Attendee assumes ALL risks.

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River Side Campout-- 2-3 nights

Needs a location

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