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Remember Recess? Let's Play Dodgeball!

Remember when you used to get a lunch break AND recess? Let's return to our glory days for some school yard fun! So many relationships were formed while we were playing games-we made friends, scores were settled, and we figured out how to interact with the opposite sex. Well, some of us did :)

Worried about being branded with the logo from the rubber ball? Well, don't...we use soft squishy balls...without a visible logo :) So, if you really hope to get a tattoo, you'll have to find another way.

Dodgeball Details: Teams are chosen round robin style, so it doesn't matter if you ruled the schoolyard at one point. There won't be any awkward "I hope I'm chosen before the kid in the full body cast". The "rules" will be explained by the referee before playing starts. They aren't complex, and there won't be any instant replays for controversial calls. It's designed to be fun, playful, and casual. The only rule I can remember is not aiming for someone's head. Ladies, I can't guarantee that the guys are going to follow that one :) Guys, this is still not the best way to get a woman's attention....All levels are welcome! We will be playing on a padded floor, wearing socks(remember to bring socks!). The arena is air conditioned and is smaller than a typical dodgeball court.

Dodge Ball of Boston is located at 1 Broadway in Arlington, MA. There is a small parking lot, emphasis on small, and free street parking available on the side streets. Public transportation is probably the easiest way to get there. It's about one mile from Davis Sq Redline T and Alewife T Stations.

Cost : $10. PLEASE try to pay with a $10 bill, or some combination that adds up to $10($5 bills, $1 bills, etc...)

After dodgeball, we will head for drinks/appetizers at nearby Joe Sent Me, 2388 Mass Ave, Cambridge. This will be a joint event with other meet up groups.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to bring socks with you in order to play!