What we're about

This is an Atlanta-based Axis & Allies group to coordinate events.

Games played:
Axis & Allies Global 1940 (Europe 1940 + Pacific 1940).
Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
Axis & Allies Spring 1942 / Revised
Axis & Allies Classic
Axis & Allies 1914

I’ve also pre-ordered the new War Room by Larry Harris, and look forward to introducing this to the group as soon as they release it.

Rules, Resources and Downloads:
(http://axisallies.com/rule-books/) ;

Past events (11)

Suggested time: War Room / A&A

Needs a location

Confirmed: War Room / A&A

Needs a location

War Room: A Larry Harris Game (THE GAME HAS ARRIVED!)

Needs a location

A&A Game? Global? Battle Cry?

Needs a location

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