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Eloh Teva Temple: (Eloh - God) (Teva -Earth)

Eloh Teva Temple is a sustainability driven Earth Based mobile Cooperative that is rooted in plant medicine, community, and preserving the fruits of Mother Nature.

As a temple, our programs are designed with our Ethos being the primary focus : education, integration, safety, and optimal healing.

Eloh Teva offers global shamanic healing modalities, plant medicine ceremonies, retreats, Extra-sensory perception experiences, integration, meditation, communal dinners, pharmacology hands on workshops and much more.

For the temple, our heart energy, supporting the local community through service, and supporting the healing journeys of others allows us to envision and create a world rooted in balance.

Medicines available: Ayahuasca, Nino Santos (Psilocybin), Kambo, Hape, Cacao, Tobacco, San Pedro, Ayahuasca Master Dieta plants


Shaman | Temple Director | Creative Director

Gabriel is a Transcendental Medium, Herbalist, Chef and Shaman from the abundant island of Jamaica. She believes true, effective healing is an incremental process that can be balanced & supported by the Elements of Mother Nature (fire, air, water, earth and spirit). With compassion, consistent action, and reintroduction of spiritism, one’s trauma can be released and the space integrated.

Her methodology assists the mind, body, heart and spirit. One cannot heal without integrating these systems. It was inspired by naturally healing her 15 years of sexual, emotional , and physical trauma with plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin, and Peruvian Plant Dietas.


Video Introduction by Gabriel + What is healing?


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We have a strict medical intake and processing. We will meet prior to ceremony to discuss dieting, guidelines, do testing/evaluations, and herbal detox teas will be provided as a part of your cleansing process.


Legally Ordained Minister

FRA Law - right to religious freedom. We practice Afro Latino and Native American religions and natural medicine is apart of our doctrine/belief systems.

We are a natural healing center and if need be, will comply with filing for a legal exemption for the Temple to continue our practice. All of our usage, ceremonial dates, paperwork is confidentially documented. To ensure the survival of this medicine and the safety for all members, we are 100% transparent and regular post our findings.

We use no synthetic compounds at the center. We are completely natural.

We do not diagnose anyone with a medical or psychological condition and advice those to seek medical advice from their primary care physician, before contacting the center.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (plant medicine). This center does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.

We do not charge for any sacrament or plants. Donations support paying for facilities, employees, food, excursion costs, and transport.

Upcoming events (3)

Kambo Ceremony

Orinda Village

Kambo Detox Ceremony with Shamanic purification and water blessing 💕🍀🌸 Join us in Nature for Amazonian warrior medicine that purges the body and allows us to tap into our ailments while we connect with Spirit Kambo is administered gently during our sessions while guiding someone through release Juice made with seamoss is include to replace nutrients lost during Ceremony Donation sliding scale $75-$175 plus $35 intake fee www.elohtevatemple.com

2D: Ayahuasca Pangea Abundance Ceremony


La Madre Medicina y Nino Santos ceremony with Amazonian medicine. Divine feminine energy - La Purga - Vine of the Soul This ceremony is designed for those seeking to work on deep rooted trauma while gaining a potential new perspective. It requires patience and consistent action to balance ones mind, body, heart, and spirit. Although visionary, La Medicina called La Purga - to purge - to shed - to release trauma while looking at your whole self. She will be complimented by Nino santos to stimulate one's visionary perception while being nurtured by the plant kingdom ----------- Includes: Overnight Stay, Hape, Tobacco ceremony, Meditation, 1 Ayahuasca ceremony, 1 Nino Santos, Community Meal, Integration Support, Interview, Group Exercises (Nature Walks, Color Therapy, Herbal Steams) ---------- An interview is mandatory and space is limited to 5 participants. ---------- Donation: $450 for ceremony Kambo: $75 must be done prior ---------- Please note that this ceremony is held to the highest of standards with safety being the foundation. There is a thorough intake processing on site. ............. "True healing is incremental."

Bufo Abundance Group Ceremony


Join us for our Bufo Ceremony and community potluck! Bufo is 5MEO DMT or the God Molecule from Mexico It is for those seeking to heal trauma, connect with spirit, and shift their perspectives through sacred medicine. Bufo will be done one by one with nurturing being the focus. The Bufo donation with an integration after care session is $175 with an interview mandatory at $75 We are looking forward to healing with you! Bufo documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ubMhWIutI4 Includes: Meditation, Spiritual Blessing, Art Therapy and Community Meal

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