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At Call of the Forest retreats we hold space for our participants to travel deep into communion with the powerful plant ally that is Ayahuasca. This incredible plant medicine, originating in the Amazon, has been transforming lives for (according the Kaxinawa who have the longest history of use with the sacred tea) 100,000 years. In our experience, going back almost 20 years, all of these transformations have ranged between positive to profound and we feel honoured to be in service to those who place their trust in our hands.

The shaman of Central and South America have been connecting with the Spirit of Huachuma/San Pedro for millennia. Huachuma is an onomatopoeic Quechua word meaning ‘off with your head’ to signify that this beautiful medicine brings us out of our heads and into our hearts. With all our energy in our hearts we feel and connect to that which is around us. In order for this to work as a group we each find our own space in nature during the day where we are free to move and explore this connection with the spirits of the animals, plants and rocks; the spirits of the elements and of nature. Nature, instead of music, becomes the predominant space holder for us.

This medicine has a completely different way of bringing healing to our deepest wounds and it’s important that we don’t arrive expecting the same kind of journey as we would with the Grandmother Ayahuasca.

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