What we're about

Fans of author Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism -- a philosophy of Reason, Purpose and Self-Esteem.
Further to this, we support the Ayn Rand Institute and Dr Leonard Peikoff.

This Meetup site was set up as a way of bringing together Queensland/Australian Ayn Rand fans and Objectivists.

Currently the focus is primarily social and to that end we hold get-togethers at a hotel every two months or so.

Members can also email the group with useful information, and organise their own meetings.

Over the past two decades, I (Nigel Richards) together with friends in Sydney, have been quite active in promoting Objectivism. We have organised a book review of 'Objectivism, the Philosophy of Ayn Rand' which was published in The Australian, run a very successful letters-to-the-editor campaign after 9/11, advertised the Ayn Rand essay competition (publicised it by emailing teachers and displaying banners at busy intersections on the North Shore), liaised with the op-ed editor of The Australian to publish articles by Mike Berliner and Andrew Bernstein, organised speeches by other visiting Objectivist academics, and displayed a full-page ad in the Wentworth Courier (a Sydney Eastern Suburbs weekly paper).

If you would like to be involved in improving the culture and generally making our potentially great country a better place to live, join up and let us hear your suggestions!
Or if you would like to just come along and have a good chat over a few drinks, join up to be notified of the next get-together.

Nigel Richards
February 2011

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40th Brisbane Ayn Rand Meetup

Baan Thai Restaurant

39th Brisbane Ayn Rand Meetup - Sat afternoon 25/8

Aether Brewing

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