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This Meet Up group was started as I had joined another group in 2017 and it looked like it was going to close down. So many ladies in that group didn't want to see it disappear as got some great social connections from it and really had a great time at the events. So Ayrshire Ladies Social Sisterhood was born.

Whether your new to the area or your friends have moved on, family have grown up and you find yourself at a loose end at any time of the day through week or at the weekend, i'm sure there will be an event or 2 that would brighten up your diary.

We welcome ladies of any age to join the group and would actively encourage group members to host an event or 2 every now and again to keep the calendar busy with a variety of events, whether it's suggesting a Meet Up for a weekday coffee, a night at the cinema, a tribute night, a meal and drinks or a get together for a walk.

The group will operate a 3 "no shows" policy, if you RSVP yes to an event and don't show up 3x, you will have your membership terminated, this is as a courtesy to other group members who maybe missed out on a space on a limited numbers event and to the hosts. We would ask that if you can't attend something you RSVP'd yes to that you change it to no and pop up a comment as soon as you become aware of not being able to attend.

****Important, please read before requesting to join****

MU site charge for having a group so there will be a £3 annual charge to group members, you will be asked to pay this by Paypal or bank transfer upon request to join the group, within 48hr, thereafter the fee will be required annually to maintain your membership, for renewal an email will be sent to you mid Dec each year requesting payment by the end of Jan, failure to pay will result in termination of your membership.
The group is non profit and as long as running costs are covered, anything over and above the MU costs will be donated to charity.

Please use the discussion board for proposing group events only, anything else please private message elspeth for info.

Ladies- any funds paid to other members for event tickets / transfer of tickets is at your own risk, group organiser takes no responsibility.

Upcoming events (4+)

Breakfast and Banter

Needs a location

Well ladies...we are up and running again! Let's hope we are able to get back to our favourite Friday Breakfast and Banter normality! Looking to catching up with you lovely ladies!


Needs a location

£17/£15 Concessions - General Admission - YOU MUST BOOK AND PAY FOR YOUR OWN TICKET, I booked mine online at Harbour Art Centre Online ticket sales via (ticketsoure.co.uk) these tickets go first come first served. I was informed you can also purchase them at the HAC reception for those who dislike online.

This was requested to be listed as an event from some of the ladies having Breakfast this morning. Remember to PURCHASE and then RESERVE your space on meetup. As its General Admission no seat numbers were given. We could perhaps arrange something prior, but can decide this later.

MY TICKET HAS BEEN PURCHASED, I have listed 8 people, but if we secure more tickets this can be increased. Good Luck, be fast :-)

Closed this event Thursday 12 May 2022 at 6 people, checked all have their tickets, pre - meal at Duncans @ 17:45 can only accommodate 6 people maximum. Please ensure you arrive on time to get maximum time at the table before the show :-) Let's have a fun night ladies x

Troon to Ayr coastal

Needs a location

Ladies, a new 1 to try, once rsvps are in we will sort leaving cars at the end point and start point as this is not a loop walk

Breakfast and Banter

Needs a location

Ladies, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but Friday breakfast Meetup is the most important one of the WEEK! Join like minded folks for a great start to the weekend.


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Mid week walk

Needs a location

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