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Future of Ayrshire Girls & Ladies Meetup

In early February, I took on being organiser of this group because I enjoyed it and otherwise it would have ended. This meant that I paid the fees for 6 months (this commitment was required). This period ends in early August.

I have set up a few events and have enjoyed meeting those that have come along. However, few have done so. People sign up and often pull out at the last minute (this is OK. I've done it myself when I've not been organising. I'm disappointed at the numbers, though), but also quite a number just don't come. In one event there were 9 no-shows. A number of people said they would get involved and set up events, but no one has done so.

I have recouped most of the 6 months fees from member payments, but see that this will be increasingly difficult with a new 6 month period to be paid for. I can neither offer much more time than I have done to being organiser or afford to have to cover fees. Therefore, at this point I intend to stand down at the beginning of August. This message is to give some notice and hope that someone else will take up the banner. I would be happy to still be involved if others also make the commitment. I'll set up at least one more event before I end.

Thanks to all who have come along - I hope to see you again - and also to those who paid their fees. I hope that you have enjoyed the group and the events I have set up.

I hope that Ayrshire Girls and Ladies live on!



Most people know what it's like to be new to an area, looking for some new friends as older friends have moved on, be newly single, or just feel like getting out of the house for a bit.

We welcome new members of all ages, and encourage members to suggest their own meetups if there is an event or activity that they would like to attend - this might be as simple as a trip to the movies, a walk, a coffee, or something more adventurous. If you'd like to do it, there is a good chance that someone else will too, so be brave and suggest an event!

We do operate a 3 No-Show policy. Which means that if you don't attend an event which you have RSVP'd yes to, without changing your RSVP to no and do this 3 times, your membership to the group will be removed by the organiser. This policy is implemented out of respect to the other members of the group and the event hosts.

We need as many members as possible to take an active role - signing up to assist as co-organisers or event organisers. Or just to set up an event or events. Something that you will enjoy and you hope to share. Please get involved!

*** Membership: To organise a group, there are fees to pay (with a 6 monthly commitment). A yearly fee of £3 has been set to recoup these. Existing members should pay this by the end of March (2018) and new members should pay within a month of joining. A bank account has been set up and account details will be circulated by e-mail. Or if attending one of Elinor's Meetups, this can be paid in cash / in person to Elinor. If there is any surplus, this will be used either to supplement an event or be donated to charity.

History: This group was founded by Caitlin in June 2015, and was intended as an opportunity for ladies of Ayrshire to meet up, talk and have some fun through a variety of activities. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to continue to administer the group, so Anna took over the administration in later 2015. Mandy took over in August 2017 with Debbie as co-organiser. Both recently stepped down. Elinor took up the mantle following a meeting to 'Save the Group'. Various others volunteered for some kind of role, so we hope to have a range of events on the go soon. It's all a learning curve, so please come out and get involved!

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