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Ayurbella sacred space is a local studio run by local priestesses' for mind-body-soul well-being. Meet-up in lower level of our Sacred studio for classes, workshops and events. Enjoy various ancient teachings and activities for self healing and personal evolution. For a full calendar of class/events go to our website at www.ayurbella.com. Currently offering classes on Women's Sacred Moon Circle, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Wheel of The Year, Ayurveda, Tea Ceremony, Reiki, Plant Medicine, and other Spiritual Earth-based practices.

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Autoimmune Answers



If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, chances are you’ve been told that your body is attacking itself. Hearing this probably stripped you of hope that you can heal and left you feeling betrayed by your own body. Today there are countless mysterious diseases that have been labeled as autoimmune conditions but the truth is that your body is incapable of attacking itself, it is attacking an invader, a virus and this virus is called The Epstein Barr Virus. There is no pharmaceutical solution to this virus, it can only be eradicated through nutrition. Come and discover the true cause of your autoimmune disease and how you can heal. This class is taught by Ellen Gyberg, Medical Intuitive specializing in Nutrition. For more information please visit http://www.superior-nutrition.net

Intimacy Soirée: Vitamin Touch

Yoga Shala Wellness

ALWAYS SELLS OUT. EARLY BIRD UNTIL FEBRUARY 10 FOR $25 (after Feb 10th, $35) No walk-ins or tickets the day of. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intimacy-soiree-vitamin-t-tickets-55773986495 Welcome to the Intimacy Soirée: Vitamin Touch The space is open to all courageous humans craving closeness, connection, honesty, real intimacy, touch, and authentic conversation. You are invited to the Intimacy Soirée: a safe space for you to show up fully as yourself and be embraced by your community. This is an inclusive event for everyone: men, women, couples, singles! Come eat, drink, laugh, and open up! Know what it really feels like to NEVER BE ALONE. We always gather in a cozy space. ✔️Be surrounded by magnificent people craving authentic connection. ✔️Have opportunities to be vulnerable, to ask for what you want, and to practice boundaries. ✔️Experience feeling loved, seen, heard, and appreciated just by being you. The theme is VITAMIN TOUCH. Are you getting your touch needs met? Do you know what kind of touch you like that's NOT SEXUAL? How do you handle arousal in platonic interactions? Do you RECEIVE the kind of TOUCH you want? Do you know how to say YES when someone offers you TOUCH? Do you know how to say NO when you don't want certain kinds of TOUCH? How able are you to hear a "NO"? Are you a pleaser to avoid hurting someone's feelings? Building skills in saying YES and NO and learning your boundaries for connection and touch, discover your edge and basque in yumminess as you navigate these questions in a safe and playful environment. The evening will include facilitated and structured activities to experiment with boundary-setting and receiving the TOUCH you desire. It's also a practice in receiving NOs to release the fear of rejection. The evening always includes the following to foster intimacy: ♥️ A communal potluck. Please bring a beverage or dish to share. NO ALCOHOL please. All utensils and plating are provided for us. ♥️ The Yoga of Intimacy & Self-Love: simple yoga postures engaging the entire group for movement, connection, non-sexual touch, & communication (NO yoga experience necessary) ♥️ Small and large group witnessing and processing around the theme for the evening. A layout of the evening: 6 - 6:45ish Potluck. Opportunities to connect with each other and settle in. Must arrive before 6:45. 7 - 7:30 Doors close and event begins with Agreements and introductions. Safe container created. 7:30 - 10ish Intimacy Exercises illustrating theme. These are tastes of the kind of intimacy you can have in your life. This Soirée emphasizes NON-SEXUAL TOUCH. 10ish - 11 Wrap-up & free play/cuddles There is always time to journal or step away from a practice if needed. All activities are optional and lovingly encouraged. Come as you are, dressed comfortably, and be ready to receive! With joy and pleasure, Radical Pleasurist www.radicalpleasurist.com p.s. These events always sell out fast. Early Bird special for $25 ends February 10. After February 10th, tickets are $35. Get your tickets now! FAQs Who is this event for? Anyone over 18. It's great for those who are single. It's great for those in a relationship. It's great for a married person or couple. It's great for people in closed (monogamous) relationships. It's great for people in open (polyamorous) relationships. It's great for every human being who needs more intimacy and touch in their lives. Is there nudity or sex? No. It's all non-sexual touch. Humans don't tend to experience platonic touch from each other and it's extremely healing. I've never done yoga...will I be able to participate? Absolutely! No yoga experience is necessary and the physical postures are easy. If something doesn't work for you physically, it's your opportunity to let the group know. It's all about you asking for what you need. What is the refund policy? There are no refunds or credit. Any other questions, please email Heather at [masked]

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