What we're about

- Promoting self awareness, discovery and purpose through meditation.
- Cultivating inner peace, harmony and happiness through meditation.
- Developing positive mind, and a healthy and productive life through meditation.

Meditation Meetup is held last Sunday of every month, 4-7pm
Hampton Inn, Lexington Room
319 Speen St, Natick, MA 01760

A person of any faith, race, ethnicity and gender can meditate and uncover the potential within. We meet in the spirit of learning, and knowledge does not discriminate.

To attain, one must seek.

"Meditation takes the seeker through a journey of self awareness"
Am I a body, a conscious, a soul? What does it mean to exist?

"Meditation sets the seeker on a path of discovery"
Why do I exist with so many other beings? What is my connection to the rest of the universe/multiverses? Who set in motion this incredible system of creations? What is my connection to the Creator?

"Meditation helps the seeker find purpose in life"
What is the purpose of creation? What is my place and purpose in the grand scheme of things.

"Meditation aligns the seeker with the nature"
What are the underlying principles of nature? What does it mean to co-exist with others in nature? How does alignment with nature cultivate inner peace, harmony and happiness?

"Meditation imbues the seeker with positive energy"
How can we be beneficial to ourselves as well as others? How positive mind saves us from many illnesses and diseases? How positive mind generates positive outcomes in life?

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