Online Event: Hold my state, Creating Workflows with Azure Durable Functions


Hey Azure community members

As you know, the current coronavirus situation presents some challenges for many Meetup Groups. Fortunately, there are plenty of online meeting tools that help us to do virtual meetings and make it easier to distribute the content :-)

Our friends from the Azure Zürich Meetup Group have scheduled a Meetup on Azure Durable Functions for July 9th. The Meetup is also open for our Group and we encourage you to participate!

🚨 This Meetup will be streamed using Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to the corresponding Team Meeting after you registered for the meetup


- 🚦 16:45 Meeting is open
- 🔔 17:00 Welcome from the Azure Zurich User Group (Manu Meyer)
- 📢 18:00 Session: Hold my State, Creating Workflows with Azure Durable Functions (Maxime Rouiller)

Do your functions have asynchronous dependencies or long running requirements? Fan out and fan in? Jumping through hoops or creating additional overhead trying to maintain state? Take a load off, Durable Functions has your back. Come learn how to simplify complex workflows and win your weekends back.

Maxime Rouiller has been an MVP legend for years and works as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft today. You can find him at and

- 🌜 Approx. 18:30 End of the event

The event is free and open to all interested parties. The sessions will be held in English. With your registration you agree to the code of conduct published here: