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Azure Serverless Meetup Tokyo #1

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1. Why I started the Azure Serverless meet up? (30 min)

I'm going to introduce this meetup, what is this, why I started this meet ups with introducing latest Azure Serverless technologies overview. Also, you will know that must-know GitHub projects for serverless on Azure.

Tsuyoshi Ushio - Senior Software Development Engineer - Microsoft

2. Durable Functions (30 min)

Let’s explore together a brand new feature of Azure Functions – Durable Functions. With durable functions, you can build long running functions and orchestrate in-code multiple Azure Functions. Durable functions enable powerful new patterns like Actor and make another one like Fan-Out / Fan-In very easy to implement. Join us to learn more about Azure Durable Functions!

Kanio Dimitrov - Senior Software Development Engineer - Microsoft

3. Mob Programming with Serverless (1.5 hours)

Let's build something using Serverless technologies, together, team up with us and enjoy coding with Mob Programming style.

NOTE: 講演系は、英語で行いますが、日本語禁止とかではありませんので、お気軽においでください。Although, we have presentations in English. However, we don't forbid Japanese.