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Danish Microsoft Azure Usergroup for anyone and everyone interested in Microsoft Azure.

The goal of this group is to inform and educate people who are interested in the Microsoft Azure Platform, because we think its the best cloud provider out there.

Through this group you will find regular meetups with sessions about a specific Azure-related topic, and occasional workshops. We try to cater to both Developers and IT-Pro's and those in between - the DevOps.

Anyone who is interested in presenting about a Azure-related topic is more then welcome to get in touch with the organizers. You are also very welcome to suggest topics to the group.

If you live closer to Aarhus then Copenhagen then check-out this Aarhus-based Azure group: https://www.meetup.com/Azure-Usergroup-Denmark-Aarhus/

Upcoming events (3)

Cloud Secrets To-Go: Exploring Azure with Resource Graph

Online event

Join us for an evening online session on the Azure Resource Graph with Aleksandar Nikolic. ABSTRACT Azure Resource Graph is a service that is designed to enable us to explore all of our Azure resources and effectively manage our cloud inventory at scale. There is no better way to learn about powerful querying capabilities to get deeper insights from our resources than analyzing various query examples. We use Azure Resource Graph Explorer to run queries and build inventory dashboards and Azure Monitor workbooks to visualize our Azure resources or take advantage of the scripting and automate queries using Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI. SPEAKER BIO: Aleksandar Nikolic is a Microsoft Azure MVP, a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, a co-founder of PowerShellMagazine.com, and a community manager of PowerShell.com. He has more than 18 years of experience as a system administrator. He also delivers Azure and PowerShell training courses around the world and is a frequent speaker at IT conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft TechDays, ESPC, Techorama, MMSMOA, NIC, Techmentor, and PowerShell Conference Europe. You can find him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/alexandair) and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandair). Session will be about 45 min leaving time for questions and extra fun at the end.

Cloud Secrets To-Go: Cloud Migration Stories with Rik Hepworth

Join us for an afternoon online session on Cloud Migration and hear stories straight from the trenches as Rik Hepworth visits us to share his experiences in moving to cloud SESSION: Cloud Migration Stories with Rik Hepworth As a consultant, I’ve worked with several customers to take what was a fully baked and trusted on-premises application and move it to the cloud. Sometimes it’s an internal app, others are boxed products whose customers would prefer SaaS. There are lots of common conversations in these engagements and in this session I’ll talk about the things I’ve seen, hurdles my customers have jumped, technology decisions they made and why, and more. From quick migration to full re-architecture, we’ll look at several examples that I hope will help you on your own journeys. SPEAKER: Rik Hepworth Chief Consulting Officer, Black Marble - Azure MVP - Microsoft RD Twitter: @rikhepworth AGENDA: Session will be about 45 min leaving time for questions and extra fun at the end.

Cloud Secrets To-Go: Meet the new Azure Digital Twins

Online event

As announced at Microsoft Build 2020, Azure Digital Twins has a new public preview. Azure Digital Twins allow customer to create rich models that allows optimizations of the general flow of business. Digital Twins is a platform for developers to model the real world, controlled using a rich set of REST APIs and C# SDK. In this session, we are going through all the new capabilities of the new Azure Digital Twin platform. Glenn will show you how to model your Digital Twin Graph and use the live execution environment to create a rich eco system for your IoT data processing. Attendees will learn when and how Azure Digital Twins is ideal for their IoT solution. Making sure they are ready to build the next generation of IoT platforms. Join us for an afternoon talk and an opportunity to set your questions about Azure Digital Twin answered by Glenn. Speaker: Glenn Colpaert - Azure MVP - CTO and Founder Zure Belgium Twitter: @GlennColpaert Session will be about 45 min leaving us time for Q&A at the end

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