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In August we will study the Hebrew letter Teth using The Hebrew Letters Workbook ( (2007 edition) as our textbook, and Tarot Key 8, Strength, assigned to Teth and the 19th Path on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

In this course we are learning how to write the Hebrew letters and reading insights from Rabbinical scholars about the deeper meanings of each letter. This book can be purchased from the B.O.T.A. Online Store ( or from local bookstores who carry metaphysical titles.

Interested in metaphysics? Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case, Builders of the Adytum ( ) is a true Mystery School and training order based on the Western Mystery tradition. B.O.T.A. presents the Principles of the Ageless Wisdom through the teachings of the Holy Qabalah (Kabbalah, Cabbala), Tarot and Alchemy.

The Columbus B.O.T.A. group has been together since 1991, and meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Most months we have Study Group, followed by lunch and a special event, but some months there are other events. Everyone is welcome.

B.O.T.A. members who have competed requisite coursework may request to be initiated and to participate in the afternoon healing ritual work of Pronaos.

Builders of the Adytum is a non-profit organization.

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