• May Lightning Talks!

    Needs a location

    This month we'll be featuring an amazing presentation by...you! Lightning talks are a great opportunity to share the pain and triumph of a tough problem you solved, share a fun anecdote, or gab about the latest cool thing you grabbed from the asset store! Really anything goes, so long as it's at least vaguely Unity-related. There's no talk approval process, so think of it like an open mic night.

    To help make sure everyone gets a spot, we ask that if you want to speak (and you should!) please throw your name on this list so we can make sure everyone gets an opportunity. Generally we like people to shoot for around 10-20 mins for your talk so we have time for a few questions. https://forms.gle/i2a2qRM3yK5Xzi5bA


    We have made the decision to virtualize all our events for the foreseeable future. We will continue to have our usual monthly lectures, but we will not be hosting any in-person events at the CIC. Instead we’ll be streaming all our presentations on twitch over at https://twitch.tv/bostonunitygroup https://twitch.tv/bostonunitygroup

    We intend to get things back to normal as soon as possible, and look forward to better days. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at [masked].

    By attending or participating in BUG events, you agree to abide by our safe-space policy (https://tinyurl.com/yablpctf). If you feel you are unable to, please do not attend or participate.

    Thanks to our sponsors! Unity and The CIC Cambridge are generously sponsoring our meetup this month.