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The Quote...

All relationships lead you back to the relationship with yourself. -Xanthia Pink (My Tarot Lady)

The Gist...

Okay so first off, this isn't your normal bookclub (TBH I don't know what a normal bookclub is because I've never been apart of one, which is the beauty of B.Y.O.T). Buuuut, one thing I can say is this bookclub is mean't to dig deep into our cores, crack that ish all the way open, so some new multicolored light can get all the way. We will conversate, connect, and get real "real" with ourselves and others by reading or listening to (whatever your preference) every self-help book, every memoir, every truth telling get your ish together text that we can get our hands on. We will even throw some podcasts in there.

The Purpose...

To build connection and engage in conversation around personal development/growth.

You should join if...

You are unsure of the kind of shift you need in your life but you know you need one, if you are tired of blaming others for your issues (because you realized it's getting you no where), if you're looking for an unconventional path to personal growth, if you're a self-reflective personal growth junkie (like me!!! lol) or if you are interested in learning how to become one (tehehe). But forreal though, I honestly believe that every human being has the inner tools to heal themselves. Ultimately therapist do three things; observe, ask questions, and offer insights (to some extent). Sooooo, why not do it with ourselves and each other through reading, listening, self-reflection, conversation, implementation, and accountability from a bomb a** supportive community? I'm just saying.

Eventually the plan is to meet over food, at some cool cafe's, and a variety of other places (gotta keep things spiced up, you know?) but for now, because of The Rona Virus we will meet virtually through Zoom.

I look forward to our sessions together.


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