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B*tch Squad Training is an empowerment through exercise program for women 18-65 years old and of all fitness levels. This bootcamp-style workout is designed to empower women to Better themselves by Inspiring and Teaching Courage, Compassion and Confidence through Health, Humor and Aloha Mana (the power of love, kindness and compassion). On a mission to inspire women to be “Be Bold, Brave and Bitchin’” in life, Coach C.T. McGee combines innovative fitness training with conventional coaching methods and to empower your body, mind and spirit.

With a little play on words, “Coach C.T.” puts a positive spin on the word “bitch” to empower women. A "B*tch" is a woman who aspires to be the best version of herself despite the challenges she faces in her world. To be a b*tch means to be a strong woman who is bold, brave and inspiring in her pursuit of her goals and dreams because she has cultivated the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to reach her goals, make her dreams come true and achieve optimal happiness, health and success as she defines them.

With 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, Coach C.T. believes a safe and supportive environment that encourages women to “share instead of compare” themselves fosters personal growth and community. While leading you through physical challenges in her weekly workouts designed to decrease body fat, increase strength, and improve cardiovascular health, she will also coach you through mental exercises to help build self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can create the life you want.

Self-esteem refers to your self worth or personal value. It is a reflection of how you see yourself in the world and how much you love and respect yourself. Self-confidence, on the other hand, is your belief in your ability to succeed at something, which means it can vary from situation to situation. Confidence builds when you take action by trying things you find difficult by going outside of your comfort zone. Building a stronger body helps build a stronger mind. Therefore, this coaching style will enhance your mood, attitude and outlook on life as well as improve how you see yourself in your life. As you gain confidence in your body’s ability to make positive changes, you will also develop deeper self-compassion, higher self-worth and greater confidence in your pursuit of happiness.

Those who seek empowerment with C.T. not only seek physical changes or transformation, but also seek evolution. Whether you are indecisive about quitting an unfulfilling job to pursue a new career; fearful of pursuing your passions to discover your life purpose; insecure about leaving an unhealthy relationship to become more independent; or incapable of giving up the negative self-talk to better love and accept yourself, Coach C.T. will help you achieve personal success and wellbeing through shouting, sweating and (maybe) swearing out each session. What happens in B*tch Squad stays in B*tch Squad.

This fitness program is intended to create a sense of community among women who may confidentially bitch and moan their way through their problems while grinding and grunting their way through workouts designed to detox negativity and ignite calories. Together we’ll explore whatever it takes to work out your stress and work on your goals and dreams while creating better mental, emotional, physical spiritual and even social health. As a result, your newfound confidence will help you take on the world and inspire others to do the same!

Special Dedication Workouts
While we may have our own challenges, we understand there is always someone else who is fighting a bigger battle. B*tch Squad Training demonstrates its “passion for compassion” by highlighting a special cause or two every season. To help raise awareness about a particular health challenge afflicting a woman in our community, we dedicate a training session to encourage and empower this woman to keep fighting her battle and uplift her spirits. In turn, this workout provides special motivation to our participants because it serves as a fierce reminder that it could be any one of us with this difficult health challenge. During the special dedication workout, we hold various “B*tch Battles” where participants dig a little deeper in honor of this “honorary b*tch” as well as “Coach’s Challenges” where participants compete against Coach C.T.

Be Bold, Brave & B*tchin’!

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