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Are you new to town? Looking to make new friends? Or maybe everyone you know is simply busy and you need things to do! This is the group for you. (My instagram account is @do.all.the.things.va if you'd like to take a look)

Not from Yorktown? - That's ok! We facilitate meetups all over Hampton Roads (Va Beach, Yorktown, Hampton, Norfolk etc).

A little background: I created this group February of 2018 when I came to a turning point in my life. I realized that I am the creator of my own happiness and happiness is something you have to work to achieve. It is all about your attitude and perspective! You have to wake up every day and make the decision to be kind & positive, to network and socialize, to strive for your goals (etc.). I also needed more genuine friends, and I wanted a platform where I can do all the things I desire (preferably not alone). So here it is! Welcome to: #BoredNevermore.

^^ This also is a wonderful platform which allows me to give back to the world. I have suffered from anxiety and depression, and I have known what it is like to feel crushingly alone. The difficulty of trying to make friends who truly care and reciprocate. I run this meetup to try and help ensure that no one feels alone. I enjoy being able to facilitate what meetup has done for me, for you. Remember though, if this group doesn't work out for you, do not give up! There are so many groups with so many different people! Keep trying! Your happiness and quality of life are worth it! Everyone has their own niche. But I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for here. <3

This is how it works:

- Organizers will be posting events to see if anyone would like to join. (Just remember if you do sign up and cannot make it, please be sure to change your RSVP)

- If you have anything you would like to do, and want to schedule a meet-up/event, please feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to discuss creating your particular event and place you as the organizer. You will be expected to run the meetup in its entirety! So please be sure to be punctual, communicative, and reliable.

- This is NOT a singles group! If you happen to come out and meet someone and after getting to know them they end up being the love of your life then GREAT! I’m absolutely not against dating or anything!! I actually met my husband here! We recently got married Black Friday, 2019. - However, I’m 100% scheduling these events to have a good time, meet new people, and make FRIENDS (emphasis on friends). I do not want that to become the focus of this group. You will be removed from the group if your sole purpose appears to be finding a partner.

- Please do not message members of this group without having connected with them in real life by going to a meetup, or having some sort of shared interest (I'm not talking about messaging organizers for pertinent information). The whole point of meetup is to get out and meet new people IN REAL LIFE!! I want to encourage you to do just this. Messages that make members feel uncomfortable can be grounds for dismissal. This rarely happens, but I just want to at least make this very clear!

Upcoming events (4+)

Lets grab a meal @ Orapax

Orapax Restaurant and Bar

This place has been a staple in Norfolk for a while , great food choices.


Reaver Beavers Improv Comedy 🤣 @ Reaver NFK

Reaver Beach Brewing Co. NFK

I had to cancel the last meetup I tried to setup here, so I'm trying this again. This is a free show by an all female improv group. Show starts at 7:30pm. I'll try to get there early to grab a table for us. I don't believe they serve food here, so eat before or grab something on the way over if you want to eat.


Richmond Trail Walk & Dominion Energy Riverrock

Belle Isle Parking Lot

This event is for a day trip to Richmond to do a little hike and check out the Dominion Energy Riverrock festival. If people wanted to carpool, you're welcome to try and coordinate in the comments.

Riverrock is an outdoor sports and music festival. They'll have things like trail running, climbing, kayaking, and dog dock jumping. See link below for more info.


10:03am - Trail Walk. First, we'll start off with a ~4 mile trail hike around Belle Isle in the morning. We're going to try and do the Riverrock 5kish trail running route (see below link). WE ARE GOING TO START AT THE END OF THIS ROUTE AND GO BACKWARDS. Note: we will be crossing a bridge that is pretty high up. We'll meet at the Belle Isle parking lot area shown in the meetup location. I don't think we'll be able to park there, though. We may have to park somewhere else and walk to that location. You should take into account time for walking to the meetup location when arriving.


12:02pm - Explore Riverrock. We'll then check out the festival. Plan is to get lunch from the food trucks there. There typically isn't a lot of shade at the festival, so be aware we'll be walking around outside and prepare for the weather accordingly.

1:54pm - Head to Stage Area. One of the musical acts I want to see is E 33rd, and they are scheduled to perform at 2pm.

3:03pm Meetup ends. I don't have anything planned after watching E 33rd, but I'm open to see if anyone wanted to do anything else. We can keep hanging out at the festival and/or get an early dinner somewhere close by, or just go our separate ways.

Busch Gardens - Food and Wine Festival 🍲🍰🍷

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

We're riding the new ride, eating a bunch of food, and maybe catching a few shows. The food and wine festival is going on, and they have booths throughout the park with special menu items representing different areas around the world. They will have sampler cards for purchase, and I'm probably going to get the 10 sampler card. This will be a pretty open meetup. I have a general itinerary, with only a few things I really want to check out, but I don't really know how long lines will be, so we can change things up or do other things as we go.

10:17 We'll meet at the clock tower in England, and then head straight to the new ride, Pantheon.

After Pantheon, we'll check out the food booths, going around the park in a clockwise direction.

2:30pm one of the things I would like to do is see one of the musical acts. Les Zazous is playing at the French Quarter stage throughout the day, including 2:30pm, and I'd like to check them out.

It's open after that. We can eat more, go on rides, or check out other shows until we leave.

Past events (882)

Bandaloop 🕺💃

Norfolk Scope Plaza

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