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Welcome B2B Founders, Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing heads and anyone involved in the B2B landscape in and around Manchester.

This is a meetup focused on B2B revenue growth. Whether you’re at idea stage or you’re already working with global conglomerates, this is for you.

Our evenings will consist of featured speakers, panel discussions, product demos, sessions from B2B thought leaders and networking with like-minded people.

We'll discuss many aspects of growing a B2B business, such as; selling to enterprise, hiring/outsourcing sales, marketing strategies for building a sustainable pipeline, cold-calling vs. social selling, strategic alliances, CRM tools, building an effective channel and much more.

The aim is for you to leave excited, educated and better-connected to help you on your B2B growth journey.

If you're looking for an event to see yet another food delivery, music app, or the next Facebook, then we're not it. But if you're looking to meet peers and leaders in the B2B space then you’re in the right place.

Bring your challenges, problems, ideas and energy.

About the host: Tom Wren is an experienced enterprise salesperson with a decade experience of selling £m’s to companies such as Telefonica, SSE, BT, government agencies and more. Tom is a Sales Manager for a growing consultancy firm.

He also coaches ambitious B2B Founders through TomInYourPocket.com. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Can you help? We're looking for interesting people and companies to speak at future events so if you would like to speak or pitch, please send an email to:


Hope to see you at our next meetup!


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The B2B Clinic

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