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Have you been or are you currently a B2B marketing manager? Have you wished you had a great group of peers and/or mentors without the "noise" in more general groups? This is the meetup for you.


I do NOT work for a vendor that sells to B2B marketing departments. I have a full-time, professional B2B marketing job and expect to meet people in similar positions.

I have, lately, really appreciated the great experiences that come by authentically connecting with other people. I have otherwise considered myself introverted.

This group is intended to be a semi-private, confidential group. It will be public on Meetup, but only one person per industry, sector, or company will be a member at any one time. We will manage that in a way mutually-agreed upon by the group.

We may also consider signing confidentiality agreements so that we feel comfortable sharing an appropriate level of detail about our work lives.


I intend the group to determine its activities in more detail. Initially, I envision that we will simply share knowledge and build relationships. I want everyone who comes to feel better about themselves, enjoy their jobs more, and to learn.

How? A few ideas:

- Meet regularly and promote psychological safety in our group.
- Being willing to share what's going on with ourselves - things we're excited about, frustrations, and anything in-between.
- Sharing past experiences when responding to a topic of discussion chosen for that meeting.

This group is not intended to be gigantic, and if we have ~5 people regularly, I would consider it a success.

I've heard it said, "The things that change you the most in life are the people you meet and the books you read." So maybe it can be a bit of a Marketing book club too.

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