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B2BCamp Atlanta (www.B2BCamp.com) is the largest participant led B2B marketing and sales community in Atlanta. We are made up of over 1,000 modern B2B marketing and sales professionals who value learning, networking and sharing stories about how to utilize todays technology and practices from lead to revenue. We currently offer two in-person formats throughout the year, one is an UnMeetup format which is a 2 hr networking format and the UnConference which is an 8 hour participant led event. Since we are participant led, its only fitting to let our B2BCampers tell you about their past experiences:

1. Love the UnConference style — creates real engagement between the presentations and the presenters. – Craig Hyde from Rigor.com

2. B2BCamp was simply awesome. It was especially beneficial for me, because I don’t come from a sales and marketing background. B2BCamp is a great way for engineers to get a crash course in latest B2B sales and marketing techniques. – John from Accelereyes.com

3. This conference was great because I got to meet so many people who are not in my biotech field and learn about these marketing strategies. I felt like I understood the process much better after attending. – Saw7777

4. Democratic learning: sessions are flexible/interactive; participants as likely to contribute as the presenters; the vibe is casual, cool and upbeat; one of the best ways to spend a Saturday as I can imagine. – Frank Borovsky

5. Been two years in a row and both times I’ve left super pumped that I went. Gets me motivated to try a bunch of new cool things in the work I do – gotta love a conference that makes you excited/rejuvenated to go back to work. – Jeff from lessmeeting.com

6. Fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed nature of the event but the quality of the material presented made it one of the best learning events I have ever attended. – Opportunityandsuccess

7. B2BCamp was awesome – well organized, great speakers, and a great crowd to network and learn from! – jhaile

8. Relaxed and positive … something I do for me and my particular interests around B2B marketing – Jamie Davenport from salesforce.com

9. B2BCamp is a great place to brainstorm with other sales and marketing professionals, trade tips and tricks and stay on top of the latest technology and techniques that are working to grow your business. – John Birdsong CEO of Rivalry

10. B2BCamp was extremely collaborative among participants. I overheard lots of conversations where business owners were sharing resources and answering questions. – Brandi from cassiusblueconsulting.com

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Atlanta Tech Village

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