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B3 Bicycles is an independent bicycle store with locations in Howell, NJ and Lakewood, NJ. We regularly host friendly group rides for both road cyclists and mountain bikers, which will be listed here on Meetup. Please pay attention to the ride descriptions to make sure that the ride is suitable for your skill level.

All rides & events hosted by B3 Bicycles are free of charge.

- Meetup Events listed as 'Shop Rides' are rides organized and run by B3 Bicycles. Some of these rides are faster or slower than others, but they are all generally non-competitive where the focus is to ride as a group. That said, always read the ride description first to make sure that the difficulty of the ride is something you feel comfortable with.

- Meetup Events listed as 'B3 Women's Cycling Club Rides' are intended for members of our B3 Bicycles Women's Club only. E-mail mike@b3bikes.com for details about joining!

- Meetup Events listed as 'Race Training Rides' are fast and competitive group rides hosted or attended by members of the B3 Bicycles race team. These are very challenging and many of them are drop rides, meaning that there is no waiting for riders who cannot keep up.

- Meetup Events listed as 'Races' are races that members of Team B3 Bicycles will be participating in. (Want to join the team? See below!)

- Meetup Events listed as NICA Practice or NICA Race are rides for the B3 Bicycles North American Interscholastic Cycling (NICA!) Youth team. (You and your kids can join! It's awesome! Please e-mail for more info.)

- Meetup Events listed as 'Event Rides' are fondos, charity rides, etc. that will be attended by members of the B3 Bicycles staff and/or cycling team.

- Meetup Events listed as 'Shop Presentations' include Meetups such as Bike Maintenance Clinics, Fitness/Nutrition Seminars, and Race Team or Club Meetings. These are held at either one of our shop locations (6798 Route 9, Howell...or 40 Chestnut Street, Lakewood. See Meetup description for details).

We also have a race team, Team B3 Bicycles, who regularly attend races and race training group rides all around the state of NJ. If you are interested in the more competitive side of cycling and testing your pedal-mettle by participating as part of a team in some intense rides and races, please contact mike@b3bikes.com for information about joining Team B3 Bicycles. We're proud to sponsor an amazing group of cyclists who are as friendly and welcoming off the bike as they are incredibly strong on the bike.

A safe helmet, a water bottle, and front + rear lights are mandatory in order to participate in any B3 Bicycles hosted ride.
Absolutely no headphones allowed.
Unless otherwise stated, tri-bikes are not allowed on road group rides. Sorry, it's just not safe to ride a tri-bike in a paceline with a group of road bikes. It's not you, it's physics.

Questions, comments, suggestions, compliments? Please e-mail mike@b3bikes.com

Hope ride with you soon!

Upcoming events (5+)

B3 Women's Wednesday Club Ride

B3 Bicycles Howell (Bike Blade & Ball)

This is our weekly women's road ride. We depart from the shop and head out into quieter roads of Howell. Rides are approximately 1.5 hours long. Sometimes we'll ride multiple loops of 6-8 miles. Loop rides are a great way to ride with stronger riders without having to worry about 'getting dropped' and getting lost. Sometimes we'll do one longer route of 18-25 miles. A road bike, helmet, water bottle, and front + rear lights (even during daylight hours) are required to participate. 5:30 is roll out time. Please arrive with minutes to spare, and with your bike ready to go. The route for this week's ride can be downloaded here. Please upload it to your device and/or download the cue sheet. If there is a route change between weeks, it will be updated and noted on that specific week's Meetup Event page by early afternoon of that Tuesday. This week's route is: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29619766 For more info, please e-mail [masked]

B3 Monmouth-Ocean Shred Pandas Youth Team Practice

311 Windeler Rd

This meetup is the B3 Bicycles NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) youth mountain biking team practice. Our team name is the Monmouth-Ocean Pandas. Please note, you must be a registered member of the team or have arranged beforehand to ride as a guest in order to join this ride. Want to join the team? Good, we want you to join, too! So see below. If you live within or within a reasonable distance of the Monmouth-Ocean County area of NJ, you are welcome to join! We are always eager to sign up new kid-riders and parent/adult coaches. No prior mountain bike experience or super skills necessary to join and have the time of your life. Please e-mail [masked] for more information. (Riders must be in grades 6 - 12. Coaches must pass background check and an online course before being allowed to coach) Our first few practices will be at the Manasquan Reservoir as we get to know each other and get our base fitness up to snuff. At our first meeting, we'll first review some basic bike skills and trail safety protocols, then we'll go out and ride a 5 mile loop of the reservoir together. We ride with a strict 'no one left behind' rule. There will always be an adult riding behind the last kid in the group. There will also always be an adult riding in front or alongside the leading kid in the group. After a few rides together at the Reservoir, we will mix it up at various parks within a 30 minute drive of the B3 Bicycles Howell shop location. The location for this meetup will be changing almost weekly, so be vigilant! What to bring: - A safe bike! - A safe helmet! - 2 waterbottles full of something delicious. - A snack or two to keep you going on the ride. (Eating right is one of the keys to strong riding!) - Bells and squeak horns are not necessary, but they make the experience more fun and are useful for alerting other trail users of your approach. Highly recommended! Looking forward to seeing everyone there this Friday! --Mike

B3 Bicycles Women's Road Ride

Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area

Please join us on Sunday at 9 am for our Weekly Women's Road Ride! (This is a recurring Meetup Event. If there are every any changes to the route or schedule, that specific week's Event will be edited by Thursday afternoon.) This week... We'll be riding 10-mile loops through some very quiet and very beautiful New Egypt farmland, along some of our favorite roads. There is no climbing worth mentioning on this ride. There are lots of cows and horses and goats and sheep and fowl feathered farmy things that are definitely worth mentioning. Also, probably the smelliest road in all of Ocean and Monmouth counties. Everyone is welcome. We'll be riding in loops along a very easy to follow route, so no worries about 'getting dropped'. The route can be found here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29470257 (The route includes From Parking Lot To The Loop, 2x around The Loop, and To Parking Lot From The Loop. If you'd like more, do the loop again!) Best place to park is at Colliers Mills Wildlife Management -- 401 Hawkin Road, New Egypt. (The address might be off by a couple hundred feet. You'll come to a four way intersection at the intersection of Hawkins and Colliers Mills road, pull into the park parking lot near the lake.) It's about a 1 mile ride to the loop. If you start your cycling navigation computer device gizmo at the park, it'll pick up the route from there and guide you to the loop. The following are mandatory to join the ride: - A bicycle in good safe working condition. - A friendly and respectful attitude in good safe working condition. - A helmet in good safe working condition. - A waterbottle. - And never a bad idea to bring along some mid-ride munchies to keep your energy up and finish strong. - A GPS computer with the route uploaded, or a cue sheet. Both the route and the cue sheet can be found here. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29470257 Hope to seeya there!

Dunkin' Donuts B3 Team Race Training Ride

23205 Columbus Rd

This is an “A” ride that is also a practice race; only recommended for advanced riders who are comfortable riding fast in close quarters and can hold speed in all conditions. This ride is frequently attended by many members of Team B3 Bicycles and is a great way to meet the guys and practice your racing skills. There is no official ride warm up, and the intensity is 110% from the get go. Definitely arrive early to warm up before the group ride begins.

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