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Do Two Wrong Mountains and Make it Right!

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Consider this a history lesson as well as an adventure you’ll never forget!

In 1904, a crew from the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) hiked throughout the Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains for the purpose of creating the first topographic map of these two ranges. Wrong Mountain, located in the southern portion of the Rincon Mountains, is clearly identified on this 1904 map and is assigned an elevation of 7767 feet. Wrong Mountain was given its name by the survey crew because, prior to reaching this eminence, the crew erroneously believed it to be Rincon Peak.

In 1981, the USGS completed a 7.5 minute map of the Rincon Mountains [Rincon Peak Quadrangle]. The USGS 7.5 minute map has mistakenly moved Wrong Mountain about one mile north of its actual location and assigned to it an elevation of 8056 feet. The real Wrong Mountain is assigned an elevation of 7776 feet, but is given no name on the 7.5 minute map.

Enough of history and on to the hike…or should I say adventure! I’ve never gone to either Wrong Mountain so we will make this up as we go along. Be prepared to go with the flow. If you can’t, please stay home! This will be a very strenuous hike but it should be worth the challenge.

We will meet at the Bone In Steakhouse (5400 S Old Spanish Trail). We will want to park away from their main entrance as to not cause a problem. Depending on how the day goes, we can stop there for a bite to eat before heading back to town. I know I’ll be too tired to cook!

High clearance vehicles are required. I will have questions when you RSVP in which you can tell me if you need a ride or can drive.

I expect this to be a very scenic hike. The canyons in that area are pretty awesome! The views from the ridgeline should be spectacular.

• Headlamp: we WILL most likely have to hike some in the dark
• 4-5 liters of water for the entire day
• Food, lots of food as you will burn at least 2000 calories
• Long pants
• Jacket, hat, gloves
• Rain gear (in the event the forecast calls for it)

Prerequisites - You need to have:
• Completed an off-trail (a.k.a. bushwhack) hike within the last few months.
• Completed a long distance hike (10 + miles) within the last few months.
• Hiked with me or Joel.

The Hike Details:
• Round trip this hike about 14-15 miles with approximately 5000+ feet elevation gain.
• We will start on the Papago Springs Trail. Then we will hike on a ridge between Posta Quemada Canyon and Shaw Canyon up to the wrong Wrong Mountain. From there we will bushwhack over to the right Wrong Mountain which is due south.
• We should be on a trail for a total of 3 miles. We will be on a well defined route for at least another 3 miles. The rest of it is unknown.

HIKING IS A VERY DANGEROUS SPORT especially when done off trail in a remote area. By attending this hike you are agreeing that you take full responsibility of your self and the things you do. Hike at your own risk.