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Member Lori has invited us to have a drum circle in her art studio located just outside of downtown Campbell. The studio is not the type where you go to look at and buy paintings, but is a hands-on creative space, specializing in mixed media, and available to the general public and groups of all kinds. Info at http://www.lorikrein.com (http://www.lorikrein.com/loris-artwork.html). Lori also has a meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/mixed-media-art/.

Please note that we are using the space for drumming. Lori has let me know that unfortunately she won't be able to set up a space for creating artwork.

12 chairs will be available so if you can bring one, we might need it, depending on how many drummers attend. Free-form drumming with perhaps some activities.

Space is limited, so PLEASE, RSVP only if you are going to attend.