Lost Isle Delta Resort Opens - after <16> <17> <18> 19 years...

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Lost Isle Bar and Resort

Acker Island ca · Stockton, CA

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Dear Boating Friends;

Now I'm absolutely certain that this meetup event holds the world record for being the longest planned out meetup in history.. (can someone contact meetup and check that out??) -B

Originally posted 3 years ago.. still waiting for the day

This year for sure ! Lost Isle OR river party.. we have waited LONG ENOUGH !!!!!!!! April 27 Saturday or BUST... !!!

UPDATE: 3/20/18, Still no change. ~"waiting on funding" is the word from the Lost Isle email. Soooo, Im bumping the date till later in the year. I wonder... should we just go there and picnic? !!

UPDATE: 7/29/17, This just in.. the website promises that in APRIL of 2018 Lost Island will open for sure. Now who knows what that really means.. but their website has been updated with a BIG RED HEADLINE.. Click HERE (http://lostisle.com/) for details.

Fitzgerald: Hope Floats At Lost Isle! Read the latest about Lost Isle (Click Here) (http://www.recordnet.com/news/20170622/fitzgerald-hope-floats-at-lost-isle)

UPDATE: 4/6/2017, 5 days ago I sent an email to the lost Isle info line, and received two messages;

The first one read, "We will be making an official statement regarding the opening in the coming months. Please stay tuned."

Then I received a second message that read; "Hoping late summer." So.. we are back where we started. Who knows.

I'm not even sure their own team is talking with each other. this reminds me of when the punk band the Plasmatics with Wendy O. Williams recorded a song with each musician playing in a separate sound proof room. Utter static and chaos... (wait!! does this mean the Plasmatics are running lost Isle !!??

UPDATE: 6/2016, The good news is we are still on !! The BAD news is that we have to wait another year :( and double :( :(2017 !!!

Not sure how many more good years I have to wait !! .. I'm afraid that all of those who can remember how it was wont be around by the time it reopens.. very sad indeed.

I'm really loosing a lot of confidence after reading the latest web site update (http://www.lostisle.com/).. stating that "oh by the way we just remembered that this island floods so we have to make provisions for flooding in the design"....

OMG !! AYFKM ??!! .. the place has been flooding every year for the last 1000 years.. and they just now thought of that !!!!! That's total CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* * *

According to (Latest 7/29/17) information on the Lost Isle resort web site.. The world famous crown jewel of the California Delta may once again open it's doors in May of this year, 2018. Hallelujah!! I feel a mighty stone has been lifted away.

I wish them success and good luck, and hope that the spirit of friendly boating camaraderie that historically prevailed throughout the delta will once again shine strong on the patrons of Lost Isle. The type of people that brought the downfall of lost isle are far and away from true boaters by any stretch of the imagination, and let's hope they stay far and away from Lost Isle.

From the Lost Isle web site...

So much for this blurb that is now totally out of date!!....

"The good news -- primarily because of the improving economic conditions in the Bay Area, we have decided to open for the 2014 (OH REALLY!)season. We apologize for the substantial delay that our customers have had to endure in their quest to drink our “world famous Mai Tai.” The new docks, bathrooms, restaurant and entertainment venue should be well worth the wait. We look forward to seeing you in spring 2014." (I was looking forward to it!! )

Now they say 2017... dont hold your breath !!!!!!!

Www.lostisle.com (http://www.lostisle.com/)

Amen to that brother ;)