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EMC: the science behind the rules-of-thumb

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Title: EMC: the science behind the rules-of-thumb

Presenter: Alistair Duffy, School of Engineering and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University


Digital systems are potentially sensitive to Electromagnetic Compatibility issues. In a wider sense, these include signal and power integrity issues, which consume a lot of effort by signal and power integrity engineers. Problems such as crosstalk and general noise coupling, bit-errors caused by ground bounce issues and the potential for side-channel attacks by ‘listening’ to radiated signatures, are all challenges that face the EMC and Signal and Power integrity engineers. Some of the solutions to these issues are already part of good electronics design practice, with the relevant EMC principles frequently embodied in general rules-of-thumb. This talk will look to link the rules-of-thumb with the general technical principles involved and why, from both the perspectives of an electronic engineer or a computer systems specialist, these factors are important. Specifically, this talk will explore why it is important to minimize current loop areas, why a current return path should be kept as close to the signal path as possible, why a cable shield should be grounded at both ends and how we can approximate the shielding effectiveness of an aperture with a simple equation.

Joint meeting with IET East Midlands