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Santa's electronic stocking: Artificial Intelligence through the ages

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This is our Christmas family event, open to members and their families as well non-members. It’s designed for all ages and will be a good evening out for everyone interested in computers or Christmas or both.

18:00 Doors open, welcome and gaming console exhibition

19:00 Presentation by Myra Wilson

20:00 Mince pies and informal networking


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Christmas presents have changed over the years as technology has evolved. The ‘must have’ presents of yesteryear talked when you wanted them to talk, and moved when you switched them on. The current trend for including Artificial Intelligence and Robots with sensors allows the next generation of presents to interact with you in many different ways, often demanding your attention and competing to be played with.

Dr Wilson will look at the development of AI in toys from earlier years, generating nostalgia from adults and perhaps amusement from younger attendees.

It will prove interesting, informative and entertaining.


Dr Myra Wilson is a lecturer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in the Computer Science Department of Aberystwyth University. She was a judge on Robot Wars for series 4 and 5. Her research interests include taking inspiration from biology to design robot control systems, and evolutionary robotics.

Myra graduated from Edinburgh with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She has a BSc in Computer Science from Aberdeen University.

Gaming Console Exhibition

Complementing our presentation is an exhibition hosted by the museum featuring games machines from 1972 to the present day.

In addition to giving a fascinating history of the development of the technology and providing a degree of nostalgia for the “more mature” gamer, it offers the opportunity to try out some of the devices.

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