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We are the BEE-BAD Network. This is the acronym for our name. If you are Black/African American and you want to see change in the economic and social issues that plague the Black community, this group is for you. We must be willing to come together as business owners, churches, schools, professionals, and families to change the way that we see each other as well as how we see ourselves working together. No one is leading us to the water to get a drink, but economically, we are still drowning.

It is time that we join forces to create a central point and voice for our community, including those that may not be at their best strength but need to be upheld. Our youth can't carry a torch if we drop it and never pick it up again. We owe it to our kids to self-direct our futures and come together because whether we are behind the wheel or not, someone is going to drive our car. If we aren't the driver, we have no control of where we are going.

If you have started a business, want to start a business, need to understand resources available and how to get certifications to pursue contract opportunities or would like to pair with small businesses and do a joint a contract that builds capacity, don't miss this opportunity. We will commit to create youth entrepreneurship activities for kids that are a risk of not completing school, involved in the juvenile system, transitioning foster care, pregnant teens or have other limitations to economic opportunities due to current circumstances.

We must map out our internal resources in our community to include the churches, businesses, media sources, social service establishments, etc., to determine how we can be inclusive of all parties in the community while learning the value of building our economic networks wearing our own boots.

If you have any ideas and would like to lead out in any capacity, please share your desires with the organizer. It is never too late to change and do better. I look forward to all of the wonderful and impactful things that we will accomplish together. Now is the time, so please join us.

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