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“BEING ONE" is a Universal Energy Therapy. A complete new approach to attain the Quantum Consciousness leading to emotional purification and personal performance. Healing of physical discomforts and more than everything is Total Peace of Mind & Well Being through meditation, understanding self and quality of self (Atman).

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WHY BHUTTA SHUDDHI IS IMPORTANT? Today is the LAST DAY to REGISTER YOUR NAME. What we know outside as body and form is information generated by panch bhuttas (5 elements). We do not allow these elements to heal by our thoughts and through the elements we consume to maintain a balance of form. This imbalance does not allow to walk on the path of self realisation (self knowledge). Cleaning this Bhuttas is a very basic of meditation. At 'Chakra Shuddhi Meditation' we guide you to heal these elements and clean your aura and take you beyond to understand this body (form) in deeper sense. We even share with you that what kind of thoughts blocks these energies. This understanding begins to heals you inside and outside. We use different techniques like, mantras, mudras, breath and scientifically developed music which activates your chakras on those level of vibrations (music CD is given to you after the workshop for you to practice). We also use light to enhance your aura, and very important part of healing is by knowing your food and its energies in your daily life. All this is done in two day workshop in a playful way (game is the best way to experience learning and remember it). Bhutta Shuddhi is very important process to grow further in life, does not matter which growth you are looking for - health, motivation, leadership, spiritual, relationship, etc. Last few seats left to know yourSELF. It is not simply a Chakra program, it is much beyond that. Your last chance to do this workshop under Sri Satishji. Dates: 26 and 27th Nov. 2016 Time: 10am to 6pm Venue: 601, Aadeshwar Apartment, Khed Lane, Sayani Road, Prabhdevi, Mumbai 25. Call now: [masked] or e-mail us at [masked]. Donation: Rs 4000/- Proceeds from this workshop will be going to build an senior citizens home by Swarg Foundation. Please don't forget to forward this to your group, friends and relatives, you never know who will be blessing you for this!

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