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Mark your calendars! Learn to harness Western psychology with Eastern medicine to balance life-force energy in body, mind and spirit and find authentic happiness within your self and in your important relationships.

The $15.00 workshop includes materials: a Happiness 101 guidebook, Happiness 102 Relationship guide, CD guideshow and Jungian personality awareness cards! With therapy costs hovering at $150 per hour, this course is an exceptional value.

Held in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, it's a wonderful and engaging way to kick off your weekend! A benefit to all :)

The Path of Advanced Awareness to Authentic Happiness - Positive Energy Workshop

This is a fun, interactive, and life-changing workshop that will help anyone become a happier person in their life. First, you will learn how to harness positive energy in body, mind and spirit to create greater feelings of authentic (long-term) happiness within your self. Then you will learn how to increase positive energy compatibility with important partners in your life that leads to more interesting, more exciting, more intimate, happier and lasting relationships. You will discover the Path of Advanced Awareness to Authentic Happiness, a life-long spiritual journey away from the negative energy of ego-based fears to the positive energy of love.

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