BEPC Conscious Wellness EXPO, 150 Booths, 14 Talks, Free Admission


Join us on June 26, 2021 for THE Conscious Wellness Event of the Summer - for 42 years, Non-Profit BEPC has organized the largest health, wellness, spiritual and metaphysical expo with 150 booths, 14 Free Talks, and a Free Psychic Panel.

It's FREE! FREE admission. FREE parking. FREE wonderful speakers. FREE gifts.

The Expo officially starts at 10am, however we're hosting a special Free Intuitive Panel at 9am for those who arrive early.

You are in for a treat! You'll find more than 150 of the best local wellness practitioners, intuitive readers, and product vendors with a wide range of products and services. We'll have two sets of free talks all day.

Products include: jewelry, books, gems, stones, clothing, essential oils, art, DVDs & CDs, children's items, dolls, scarves, natural foods, organic makeup, handbags, tarot decks, candles, incense, crystals and a lot more.

Wellness practitioners include: massage therapists, coaches, chiropractors, structural integrationists, acupuncturists, reconnective healing, pulse readings, fitness coaches, sports medicine practitioners, and reflexologists.

Metaphysical practitioners include: psychics, mediums, meditation, emotion code, pendulum readings, aromatherapy, tarot cards, angels, energy healing, Akashic records, intuition, channeling, intuitive eye reading, iridology, coaching, pranic healing, animal communication, runes, past lives, medical intuition, shamanic practices, hand analysis and palmistry, nature-based oracle cards, crystal healing, numerology, reflexology, dowsing and much more!!

Hourly door prizes. Plenty of fun!

Details will be coming soon at: - See all the practitioners and vendors at this page.

This event is on Facebook at:

At Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave N, Kent, Washington 98032

Examples of speakers we had in 2019:
10 - Samantha Parrott Bloedel - Aura Power & You: Use Your Aura to Discern Everyday Choices
11 - Kelly Mark Williams - The Enlightenment Potential of Your Own Akashic Record Library
12 - Donna Seebo - Your Inner Psychic Genii
1 - Dr Tina EnerJoy - Its Time to Take Your Power Back! Understanding & Rising Above Abusive Relationships
2 - Osiris Indriya - Spiritual Tools for Transforming Relationships
3 - Ashara Morris - It’s All About L-O-V-ETM (Animal Communication)
4 - Amber Blase - Dating When Your Astrology Makes You Most Magnetic [free ConnectionYogi Timeline]

10 - Marc Lainhart - Mediumship Demonstration: To Where You Are
11 - Lynn & Lorn - Overcoming Blocks to Love with Spiritual Guidance
12 - Suma Isis Sekgametis - Billet Psychometry
1 - Vickie Gay - Guided Meditation & Psychic Medium Gallery Demonstrations: Free 1-Minute Readings
2 - Ann E Van Dyke - Get the Most Out of Your Life
3 - Linda Rasmussen - Come Home to Your Body & Heal
4 - Nina Helfrey - Transforming Anger into Compassionate Connection