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What we're about

Better2018 is a world's first school development online summit. It aims to showcase that to serve better education it is imperative that institution should have a better system.

Topic of Discussion:

How has school management system become the most trending thing in the education sector?

Why does an institute need school ERP system?

How to operate school efficiently using school management software?

Why parents-teachers collaboration matters for student's growth?

Why is school software considered a Paperless Solution?

What you can expect from Online Better2018?

Thought-provoking recorded interviews, where our top 7 institutes authorities will highlights the significance of technology in school structure.

Special access to Fedena masterclass where you can learn how to operate multiple features and understand module is best for your institution.

To solve your every query and understand your needs we have a live question and answers session.

A free guide to learn every feature of Fedena in a comprehensive way

Uncover the upcoming features of Fedena

Learning without paying. Pay zero to watch all interviews.

So, are you ready to skyrocket the productivity of your institution to the next level?
Reserve your spot right now to join us on Wednesday, 9 May 2018.
Experience, explore & espouse the best technology in the education industry.

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