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Board Game Night!
We're having our next meetup Friday at 6:00 at A-Game Cafe! Unwind and destress for the week by joining us for board games! Prepare to meet new people and have fun! The location is west of Bathurst and Dundas along the southern block. This place has great quality and range of board games, and a big space to play in! Best of all, it's not overly crowded all the time like other cafes. The cover fee is $7 for unlimited play and food and drinks can be bought for an additional price. We usually play board games from 6 to 10ish and then go for dinner or dessert afterwards. Dinner is completely optional. Some of the games we play: - Cash n Guns - Avalon - Spyfall - Coup - Sushi Go! - 5 Minute Dungeon - Werewolf - Telestrations - Secret Hitler - Mysterium If you have a favourite game, we would love to learn from you! If you have any additional questions contact Lia Joo and I'll get back to you right away. Hope to see y'all there!

A-Game Cafe

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Hey guys! This is a board game group to meet other young people and have fun. We are not a competitive group, just casual. Beginners are always welcome! Sometimes we do other fun activities such as escape rooms, karaoke nights, video game nights, and attending events around the city!

How it works:

We meet up at a board game cafe and play some games for 3~4 hours. Afterwards we go for dinner nearby.

Most board game cafes have a cover fee to sit and play for unlimited hours. Usually it's around $7. Others want you to buy something from the menu which could be anywhere from $2 to $15, depending on what you buy. This also lets you stay for unlimited hours.


- The goal of our group is to play board games, eat good food, make friends and have fun! Please be respectful to everyone and be yourself! There is zero-tolerance on rudeness and verbal attacks on everyone!

-If you can't make it, please let the organizer know. Otherwise you will be labelled a no show and removed from the group.

-Likewise people who change their status last minute without notice will also be removed.

-Lastly, please only join if you intend to show up. We want active members that will show up at least once a month.

Thank you!

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