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Join the exploits of the new Adventurers of Portencia.
• What we'll do We will be playing DND, in table top adventure style, in a home brew world of adventure called "the World of Portencia". • What to bring Bring a fun attitude and an open mind. There will be free food and drinks served, and we supply all the gaming needs. • Important to know The once lost city has been found, and now the new adventurers of Portencia get to roam it's surroundings and explore the unknown lands. Some of the issues have been resolved for the people of the lost city, but now the party must find the answer to the question of who are the 5 crowned undead Kings?

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Welcome to South Suburban Chicago Lands "BH Gamers Club", we are a table top RPG and miniatures gaming group, focused on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition, with modern variations. Gaming in a new world Inspired by Forgotten Realms+. We game Sundays, bi-weekly, from 12:00-6:30pm, we are open to ages 16 and above. Food and drink are often covered, you may bring pop and snacks as you wish. Each game session is played with up to 10 people, our story lines are of medieval fantasy, filled with magic, monsters, romance, intrigue, and adventure. Our gaming environment is a home and a fun place for both young gamers and adults. Our group currently consists of about 10 people.

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