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Have you been dumped or divorced by an ex partner? Or have any of your former friends completely turned their back on you and cut you off from their life? It is one of the most painful things you could ever experience and go through, similar to experiencing the death of a loved one. For many, the trauma and harm caused by a break up or loss of friendship are irreparable and irreversible. Whether your break up or loss of friendship occurred recently or a long time ago, if you have experienced major heartbreak that wounded you deeply, and you are still feeling wounded, then this group is for you.

We will gather together and share our stories, offer each other moral support, an ear to listen, and advice and encouragement. Also, we will hang out and do various fun or interesting events together to help cheer each other up.

(Please note, this is not a support group for those who broke up with their partners but feel heartbroken about it nor for those who cut off former friends from their lives. This is specifically a support group for those who have been dumped or been cut off from their former friends.)

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1st Support Meeting

Albany Public Library

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